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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Birthday Week

This card is the best ever! Sweet Pea knows I love THAT GIRL (a tv show from long ago) and found this great card. When you open it you can hear the theme song from the show. And so began people remembering my birthday. I honestly cannot tell you another time in my life when so many people were so generous and loving for my day. You would have thought this was a milestone birthday!

What an incredible week! So much to tell here (for me so I can remember in my old age!) so I will start with last weekend. As you already read about, it was a weekend in Phoenix. I mentioned that I went shopping. I would much rather buy myself some little presents on a shopping spree than be surprised with something big or expensive. So Sparky was an absolute doll and accompanied me on my spree. I have not pictured the incredible black patent shoes I bought to go with this outfit. I wore them this week and I had duty. I must have had a hundred little girls stop me to tell me how beautiful my shoes were and how pretty I looked. I was all of a sudden feeling like a princess and the popular 2nd grader. It was hysterical! I will take a picture of them soon. IN the meantime, here is my bounty from my spree.

Then it was the beginning of birthday WEEK! I don't have the picture on this computer (it's on Little L's) so I will have to post that one later but my friend, the Art teacher, started by giving me little gifts each day. On Monday I received a little pink package of clementines (small tangerines with no seeds), on Tueday I was gifted with a silver package with a pink bow - the insides filled with chocolate!, on Wednesday it was a Paula Deen magazine!!!, on Thursday I was given a magnet with a tiara that says PRINCESS and on Friday I got a BAG FULL OF GOODIES! There was a glass eiffel tower, a bookmark with the EIffel Tower that says Bonjour, a book about discovering my inner french girl, a rubber stamp of the Eiffel Tower, and a gorgeous card of the tower lit up at night. On the inside she wrote: To a Kindred Spirit. We both agree that France rocks (she's been there 3 times) and we both say that if we were to go today, we would never come back. (We would take our familes, of course!)

Another co worker gave me lots of chocolate bars and a sweet note. I think I already mentioned that I got a beautiful bracelet from Sweet Pea's inlaws that is pictured here and Sweet Pea and Mr. Sweet Pea bought me TOILE JAMMIES!!!!!!! (OOHHHH SO MUCH LOVE!) and a gift certificate to my favorite SPA!!!! Gadabout. Un be freakin lievable! TOO Much Birthday fun!

Then on Friday at lunch I had a HUGE chocolate cake that said Happy Birthday and a bouquet of flowers - all from my podmates. Unfortunately, there must have been something in the cake that I was allergic to as I had a reaction immediately after digesting the cake. This was a big one, requiring 2 allegra and an epi-pen stick as well as some not so cute paramedics. The epi-pen did the trick and I was fine in less than 5 minutes after the stick. I was NOT going to hospital as this was the beginning of my birthday WEEKEND! Ain't no one keeping a sister down.

I went home (everyone teased me that it was my way of getting out of teaching 1st graders that afternoon) and rested for a few hours and then it was time to party some more. I met my friends (co-workers) from my current school and my "home" school. That was a blast! I've never had happy hour with BOTH groups of women before. I enjoyed a diet pepsi and some chips and salsa while they bestowed MORE PRESENTS on me! I cannot believe the amount of gifts this year! I scored a journal, a gift card from Borders, a GRANDMA's photo album, a coupon for a latte and biscotti and a night at the casino! (Which they took me to immediately following happy hour!) It was crazy fun!!!!!!

The infamous TOILE JAMMIES!!!!

I will continue the rest of the birthday story in the next post as this is already much too long. Enjoy the photos!


Blogger The Feathered Nest said...

Well Happy Birthday To You! A whole birthday week, I usually just get a birthday weekend. Sounds like it was lovely and you got so many wonderful things. Love the toile jammies best!


3:07 PM  

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