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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Conversation with an the copy tech today...

Me: Light a candle for me, we have to teach kinders all morning.

Copy tech: Awww, but they are so cute!

Me: Spoken like someone who has never been trapped in a room of 30 kinders. I'm scared!

Copy Tech: Scared? What do you mean? They can't hurt you!

Me: It's just like bugs! They are small and you know they can't hurt you but you are still scared of them.

Art teacher chimes in: Actually, they look like little drunks.

And so began our half day. On half days, we have this caaaraaazzzy idea of combining both am and pm kinders and shuffling them off to the specialists. Patty (the art teacher) and I join forces and teacher an art/writing lesson together because really, who wants to teach kinders for 25 minutes by themselves unless you are a kinder teacher and I already did my dues and taught kinders for one whole year, thank you very much.

The best part is when Patty mouths the words to me "little drunks!" from across the room and I laugh so hard it's hard to hold my crayons. We had a little boy who was just so overwhelmed with having to hold crayons and write his name that he just lay down on the floor, in true drunk fashion. It was hilarious.

I spent the afternoon meeting with my team and planning our family night and then I got to score some more writing. Are you ready for some more? I knew that you were!

NOT a Paris Hilton wannabe :

"If I were in charge of the world I would get rid of pink, fluffy dresses."


And then the kid that you want to tell the parents to stop procreating:

If I were in charge of the world I would...

(spelling kept for the integrity of the piece!)

"start a world war 4. I would get all ths viedo games I want I would get a car and dvier like carzy. I would destory all the scholl’s."

Big sigh...


And this little girl in 5th grade is a little behind on the news front...

"If I were in charge of the world... I would not change a thing. The world is perfect how it is. The only thing I would do is free the slaves."


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