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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes...

Every year I have the unique opportunity to read what is on the minds of our students via a writing "test" that is given at the beginning of the year and again at the end of the year. I hate this test because it is exactly the opposite of how I (or any good writing teacher) would teach students to write. This test only measures their conventions and doesn't care about a student's voice or word choice, etc. So I grit my teeth and give them the test and tell them to try and use only words they can spell (because they get a point for every word that is spelled correctly) and then I tell them to NEVER WRITE LIKE THAT AGAIN! The beautiful thing is the students are listening - I have first and second graders finally using words that are in their vocabulary but they haven't quite learned to spell. I always explain that I can help them spell the word, but the word they choose is up to them - I cannot choose the word for them. I make a really big deal out of how great their word choice is and then we work on spelling it correctly when it's time for editing.

Anyway - I am glad to see that some of my students were able to get a glimmer of voice into these very dry, boring writing prompts. (I did not write the prompts - residual from the Little Dr. we had that blew in from some southern state such as Alabama or Louisiana or something...

Here are a few highlights from today. I still have 500 papers to score so I am sure I will find some more gems this week.

And now for your reading pleasure...


The writing prompt was :

More than anything I wish I could...

"write a world selling book that would stop wars, stop burglary, and stop the fighting. I would write a series of kids books and history books and textbooks and all sorts. I’d be known as Mr. B, the Book Bug. I’d be on talk shows and be rich and play golf and have the fancy mustard with the other rich big shots."

And another ... (this one is a future evangelist)

More than anything I wish I could...

"touch God’s face in heaven. Hopefully I wish I can go to heven. I’m pretty sure I can because I believe that Jesus died for all of us to take away our sins. I can’t wait to go to heaven."

This little girl is not putting all of her eggs in one basket...


Be a hair dresser but if I get fired I will be a veterenarian. If I get fired from that I will be a dentist.


Lots of 3rd grade girls wanted to "go to Paris, France" or "see the Eiffel Tower" - this is great for many reasons but for one, I love that they are using their IDEAS strategies that I taught them - to look around you when you need ideas. The girls just LOVE my Eiffel Tower lamp on my desk and I refer to my desk as France (they are not allowed to go to my desk unless they have a passport!) so how adorable is that - they want to see the Eiffel Tower too!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"and have the fancy mustard"

HAHAHA! I guess the kid saw a lot of Grey Poupon commercials before he was born.

Jen L.

8:29 PM  

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