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Monday, August 06, 2007

28th Anniversary

Sparky and I celebrated our 28th anniversary this past Saturday. It rained for a little bit was just mostly cloudy - still the way I love it. We had a wonderful day with Little L shopping for our own gifts. When you've been married this long, it's nice to be able to buy your own gift because you will get exactly what you want!

Sparky had his eye on a gorgeous shirt at Banana Republic and I found this fantastic bag that my laptop computer will fit in. It's an Aigner so hello!!! the happiness!!!

Then we dropped Little L at home (she was tired and didn't want to join us for dinner) and we went out for a bite to eat. It was so nice to sit across the table from the man I said "I do" to 28 years ago and still marvel at his beautiful face, heart, and spirit. We talked about how when you are young (I was 18, he was 22) you just have NO CLUE that you are saying forever to the person you are marrying. And then we both agreed that today - forever doesn't even seem long enough for us.

On a side note - these dinner pictures are not from our anniversary but rather from my birthday last week. You see I was craving this shrimp and so I saved one for the last bite to savor. I leaned over to Sparky and whispered that I was saving it for that pleasure and how crazy am I? He then moved a piece of broccoli to reveal his OWN hidden treasure - a nice juicy scallop. He said he had done the same thing!

And that's why we are married for 28 years.

I love you, Sparky!


Blogger The Feathered Nest said...

That was a very sweet post! Happy Anniversary you guys!


11:45 AM  

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