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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Head Banger

Well the cute little glow of teaching has worn off and I am completely and utterly ready for break.

I can see why these kids are at intersession. They have the attention span of a paper clip. Smart kids, just can't focus to save their lives. So I am constantly redirecting them back to the task at hand.

Yesterday was particularly challenging to me. I had to refocus these students TOO MANY TIMES. And when I finally got them to focus, the objective at hand was possible outcomes. We painfully get through that and move on to subtraction across zeros. Oh. my. word.

Me: Blah, blah, blah ... so what is 10 - 1?

Students: (Picture a South Park episode where they stare blank- eyed and blink)



Unless you count the sound of my head banging on the whiteboard.

These students are not even able to do basic math - easy recall of subtraction. Parents, I hate you. You buy your kids video games and DVD's and ipods but you don't bother to see what they need in the way of education. (This is not a general statement - this is fact with these students.)

Some things are mundane. Some things are boring. Flashcards are boring. BUT you need rote memorization for basic facts. It just is what it is.

Why do I keep typing? So I won't stab my eye with a pencil.

When I got home my retirment statement from the state arrived in the mail.

Earlier retirment in 4 years or full retirment in 11 years.

I sighed heavily until I remembered that I teaching WRITING and that is what keeps my sanity. Writing is subjective - all I have to do is nurture, provide the safe feeling tone to express their thoughts, and teach them how to put those thoughts on paper.

I can do this for 11 more years!
I can do this for 11 more years!
I can do this for 11 more years!
I can do this for 11 more years!
I can do this for 11 more years!
I can do this for 11 more years!
I can do this for 11 more years!


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