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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Should I Be Worried?

Little L and I are making our way to Mississippi in Oct. to visit two of my sisters. So I got on line and checked out what is happening in Ole Miss. and here is what I found on the city-data forum:

(Keep in mind the thread was FUN THINGS TO DO IN MISSISSIPPI!

Cafe Mockingbird in Long Beach has poetry readings from local poets. (sounds cute!)

Gulf Coast Philosophy Group has meetings in Gulfport, 324-**** or (sounds deep!)

There's to be free kidney disease screenings held in Pascagoula this Saturday, call 1800... (seriously?)

Free legal aid clinic, Pearlington Library, 601-352-...(in case I get a ticket from the good ole boys?)

For affordable mental health treatment, try:
-- Gulf Coast Mental Health Center, 228-863-1132. Serves Hancock, Harrison, Pearl River, and Stone counties.
-- Center for Community Resilience, Biloxi, 228-385-1119, affordable rates.
-- Singing River Mental Services, Jackson co., 228-497-0690.
-- MS Department of Health's toll-free helpline: 1877-210-8513.
-- National Suicide Prevention line's toll-free number: 1800-273-8255.

(that seems to be a lot of mental health centers)

Go Saltwater Fishing - (oh joy!) (Fish phobia? me?)

***and on a side note, my sis emailed me to say that she would do all she could to avoid restaurants where they might serve a whole fish on a plate but it is the south. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Cut grass..... (the kidney screening sounds a little more exciting!)

There's a bellydancing class in Ocean Springs. 818-****, Myra Cox. (ummm yeah... no)

There will be free medical screenings held at the Coast Wide Health Fair on September 15 at Edgewater Mall, 9am-4pm. Dental, mammograms, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, flu shots, HIV/STD testing, and more will be available. There will also be a gospel performance. (Good, cause it looks like I am gonna need some prayer!)

*Disclaimer: To my big sisters - I joke! I joke! (although I really did find these things on the forum... just sayin')


Anonymous the feathered nest said...

Oh that's funny!! That sign about the cops is hysterical. Hopefully you'll have a wonderful time.


2:06 PM  

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