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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Those teachers - they have it so easy!

Got this in my mailbox this week:


I went to the benefits meeting last week. I want to update you on what is going on. Cigna wanted to increase our rates to 16%. Our contractor Cbiz was able to get them down to 12.8%. This translates into the following.

These rates are monthly and don't include the district contribution.

OAP Core
$279.97 Single (Old)
$315.00 Single (New)
$769.93 Family (Old)
$868.47 Family (New)

OAP Enhanced
$372.01 Single (Old)
$419.00 Single (New)
$1027.93 Family (Old)
$1154.92 Family (New)

Believe it or not the rate increase isn't due mainly to utilization of our insurance, but just to what is called health care inflation which is 12%-15% annually.


I currently pay $500.00 a MONTH to Cigna to cover the three of us! It's outrageous! And I still had to pay $30.00 for my epi-pen and $20.00 for my mammogram even though they get $6000.00 a year from me and I only see the Dr. once a year for my checkup! Cigna and other insurance carriers should be ashamed of themselves.

You better believe I'll be listening closely in this election year!!!! We need afforable health insurance, America!!!!


Blogger Kevin Lawver said...

Well, you certainly can't vote for a Republican then. You know they won't change anything. Heck, they won't even really talk about it other than the same thing they've been saying for ten years. The Democrats might fail, but at least they'll try.

6:12 PM  

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