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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Andrew's First Week

Dear World,

Hi, I am new here. Today is my one week birthday. It's been quite a ride already. In one week I have gone from a studio apartment to a spacious home in the burbs. I had nurses and doctors poking and prodding me and hello? why hasn't anyone invented a tape that doesn't rip your hair out of your arm when they take off your IV? I'll look into that when I am older.

Life is good. I pretty much eat, sleep, eat some more and sleep some more. I've been awake a little bit more the past few days. Mum Mum gets right in my face and smiles, coos, and talks to me. She thinks I see this:

But I can't break her heart and tell her I see this:

So I just stare back at her and let her look into my beautiful blue eyes. My favorite thing to do with Mum Mum is spend the morning on her chest, snuggled up like a lima bean under her chin. We spent 5 hours there on Saturday! I am trying to wean her so we only did 4 hours like that on Sunday and 3 on Monday. Today, I gave her about 4 hours. I can't wean her just yet case she needs me to snuggle her while she is here visiting.

Apparently I have been sent to live with witches cause they are constantly boiling things in their big black kettle. I don't know what is up with that but whatever.

Yesterday we went on a field trip. I had a sponge bath the night before (didn't like it, of course) so I had a feeling something was up because they seem to like the way I smell already. My mom swears I smell like vanilla and Mum Mum is constantly kissing my head so I must already smell pretty sweet but anyway - we were going to the Doctor.

I got into my car seat and into the back of the car with Mommy. Apparently I live in the desert. But it's a dry heat. *rolls eyes. We got to the Dr. and he pronounced me practically perfect in every way, just like Mum Mum said I was! Only I think she says I am particularly perfect in every way.

On the way home, Daddy drove through Starbucks. It's some big building where the serve drinks in CUPS. (???) It didn't look like anything I would want so they just got some iced teas for Mommy and Mum Mum.

I heard Mum Mum was making cupcakes for my birthday tonight. I've already had her roast beef and it was pretty good so I'll see about the cupcakes.

One night this week, Mommy and Mum Mum wanted to go to the store and get some food. I stayed with daddy for an hour. I thought now would be a good time to test this guy out. I waited until about 10 minutes after they were gone and started in. Now you have to understand - when I am with Mommy and Mum Mum I don't cry hardly at all. I fussed during the sponge bath, I may fuss a little when I have slept too long and I am realllllly hungry, but truly I am a very sweet natured, quiet little guy. However, Daddy hasn't been alone with me yet. I needed to initiate him. So I started crying. Just wanted to see what he would do. He tries to give me a binky. Nope. He changes my diaper. Yeah ,ok so now what? I'm still crying. FINALLY, after 45 minutes he calls Mommy to ask what to do. Mommy tells him to give me a bottle of her milk. Duh. He feeds me a little and I fall right back to sleep. It took him 45 minutes to figure out I wanted some Mommy juice!!! Newbie.

I do have to tell you - I never thought I would say this but I do empathize with Britney Spears now. I mean, I can't move a freakin' muscle without some camera going off inches from my face! I'll just be sitting perfectly still and there they go, every little breath I take. And if my eyes are open or I suck on my finger? Oh boy...... I can't wait for the batteries to die on their cameras!!!

Well I gotta go take a nap. Talk to ya later, world.


P.S. I just wanted to say I have the GREATEST Mommy in the world. She stays up late with me, gets up early with me, feeds me, loves me, tells me how beautiful I am, plays with me, and feeds me (did I mention that already?) so I am one lucky boy. Oh, and she is beautiful, too! I think I'm gonna like living here.


Blogger Susie Q said...

This was absolutely adorable!! I smiled all the way through this.
Andrew, you are amazing in every way!!


9:29 PM  

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