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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Our Precious Andrew

Sweet Andrew continues to be in the hospital. They discharged Sweet Pea tonight but she refuses to leave so she and Don are sleeping in a Ford Bronco or Explorer or something that the in-laws let them borrow for this reason. There are no hotels in the area (seriously, what the???) and she is breastfeeding. So they are calling her every three hours to go back in and feed Andrew.

His white blood cells continue to be too high and we still have no word on the blood culture, although we were supposed to hear this afternoon. Everyone is tense. My baby girl is just a basket case of hormones. I hope she can look back on this one day and have great stories to tell. Every woman needs a good war story about birth, right?

Keep praying. Our precious boy is so wonderful and has the best mommy in the world! I'll make sure he knows that his mommy slept in a car so she wouldn't be far from him!

It breaks my heart. I HATE INSURANCE COMPANIES and I am not too fond of the hospital at this point either!!!!!

I am going there tomorrow so hopefully I can help in some way. Even if to provide a shoulder. I'll leave after I set up for that district thingy. I can't wait to see my Baby Roo again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You probably won't get this before you leave but here's my comment anyway:

* I am glad you are going to be there this weekend. Do you have to go back to work on Monday? Sleeping in a car isn't restful, so she is probably going to need extra above-normal rest when she and the baby get home. Encourage her to seek help from whomever is willing, so she can make up as much lost rest as possible.

I am appalled they discharged her so early. :(

* Of course our prayers and thoughts are with you. I hope (and think) this is just the drs being super cautious. It's what they do. A few years ago, no one would think anything was amiss with the baby and everyone would be on their way. But now there are all of these fancy tests which are great but also scary. It's probably nothing. (We had a minor kidney scare with Brian, who was born at 37 weeks.) Anyway, keep the faith!

Keep us updated.

Jen L

11:39 AM  

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