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Friday, May 09, 2008


I had a conversation with a 5th grader this morning. He was excessively talking in class and had written a note home to the parents to let them know of his behavior. He was to have them sign it and return it to me this morning.

Me: Do you have your letter?

Him: Yes, here it is. My dad signed a separate sheet of paper though because I forgot to take home the letter last night.

Me: How can I believe that he knows about the content of the letter when he didn't sign it?

Him: I told him about it. I really did! I just had him sign this blank piece of paper because I forgot the letter.

Me: Well one time in 2nd grade I got an F on a paper that my dad was supposed to sign and I just added an extra line and made it look like an A and handed it to my dad to sign. He never knew I got the F.


Me: (on the inside) oops.

Me: Have your dad sign the actually letter tonight.

Him: Ok, I willllllllll.


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