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Monday, May 05, 2008


A weekend trip to Disneyland has exhausted me. It was fun the first day, the day when it wasn't crowded and my energy was still intact, not having yet walked 459 miles for 16 hours. (All while enjoying the hot sun beating down, enjoying no less than seven $3.00 bottles of water.)

Anywho... I know Little L loves it and so we took her for her birthday but that doesn't mean I can't list the things that have changed in the last 12 or so years that we have been going.

You know the magic is gone when....

10. Trash, trash everywhere nor anyone to pick it up. It used to be that you didn't see a tiny speck of trash ANYWHERE. Now, it's everywhere. Literally everywhere. So sad.

9. Sticky tables, benches, etc. etc. I don't think they have hosed down or cleaned things in a very long time. And don't even get me started on the restrooms. I've seen cleaner truck stop bathrooms!

8. Year of a Million Dreams? We have been there at least 6 times since this started, mostly 3 days each time and have yet to win a dream.

7. The employees don't smile or even acknowledge your presence, for the most part.

6. Apathetic employees - I saw some punk throw their plastic soda bottle at the ride on Pinnochio. It was lying right next to the track and could cause expensive damage. As we got into the car, I mentioned it to the ride operator who mumbled something I couldn't hear. At the end of the ride, the bottle was still there, close as ever to rolling under the car tracks. So I told the end of the line ride operator and he at least said, "Thank you." but didn't go over to get the bottle.

5. Lack of healthy food choices. Everything is fried. Everything. Fried can be good. But occasionally I want a nice baked potato, thank you very much.

4. Canceled fireworks. Wind conditions, my goat.

3. Same old stuff. Same parade, same costumes, same songs, same dances, same, same, same.

2. RUDE PEOPLE. Pushing, shoving, yelling, screaming, running, vandalizing, cutting, spilling, etc.

There is actually a TIE for the #1 loss of magic:

1. A. First bug sighting ever. As we were leaving Main Street, there was a giant roach in front of one of the stores. Everyone was shocked to see it, too. We always commented that you never see bugs in Disneyland but there he was.

1. B. The windows of Pinnochio are beautiful. Stained glass and real lead patterns. Some gansta - wannabe took something sharp and carved their gang name in the window, complete with the correct calligraphic formation of the letters. So. Sad.

I am looking forward to a trip to the Grand Canyon to see towering ponderosa pine trees, beautifully layered rock formations, and feel the breeze on my face as I watch the sun set over giant, dormant volcanoes.

The highlight of the weekend was seeing Baby Roo. He is looking sooooo alert and happy. He is filling out so wonderfully and his little personality is just sparkling.

Photos to be uploaded tonight!


Blogger Susie Q said...

Oh wow. I am so sorry...
I have not been to Disneyland in years. Disney World was still a treat when we were there 2 years ago but the number of rude people was up substantially. I am afraid that is just the case everywhere and how sad is that?

I think your next trip will be wonderful!!


12:40 PM  

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