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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cleaning out...

So I have packed up my classroom and I allowed myself to take 6 bins. (I probably actually took 9 but who's counting)

I'm cleaning out because I asked a friend what she did with her teaching stuff when she left the classroom. She stated that she didn't want it to sit in a box, wasting away. Besides, IF she went back to the classroom, she would start over because a lot of the stuff would be very outdated. Point taken. So I left a LOT of stuff. I mean, TONS as in a whole truck load, for the teachers to fight over! :-)

But there are some things I can't get rid of. So today I am going through the 9 bins in hopes of narrowing them down to 3 bins. I have this thing for getting rid of stuff that is sitting and not being used. As I was cleaning, I found some great apology letters that made me laugh. I will share some of them here so I don't have to keep them now as they will live forever on the internet or at least until Blogger one day goes down the drain.

I don't remember the circumstances as to why these letters were written but I couldn't help but keep the ones that made me smile.

Here is letter #1 (ALL LETTERS = SIC)

Dear Mrs. D*******,
I'm very sorry. The reason I was disrespectful is because I just need a break. At home all I hear from Mom in the morning is "get ready for school!" I hardly see my dad, and my sister's a brat. that's why I need a break. When I messed up, I messed up really bad in your class. I was very disrespectful. It won't happen again.

Who messed up, I messed up by talking without raising my hand. I also was very disrespectful to Mrs. D******. The lady who came to Mrs.D*******'s class got the wrong impression, and Mrs. D******* didn't deserve that.

What I love about this letter is that he used quotation marks for his mom's dialogue, something I rarely see unless I am doing a specific lesson on the topic so that was pretty impressive.

This student must have written it due to a bad report from a sub in my room that day. I have higher standards for how the students behave when I am NOT in the classroom. I explain that their behavior in my absence is a reflection on not only THEIR character, but on mine as well. That usually does the trick but I guess not that day! :-)

Letter #2 (This kid is going to be a lawyer. Whomever asks the questions - is IN CHARGE and this kid clearly realizes that flattery might be a great diversion to the actual problem being addressed!)

Dear Mrs. D*******,
You are a great writing teacher. You taught me alot ( <----grrrr!) about writing. I act the same in this class like I am to my class. Who would you say is the best writer? What is your favorite book? Where did you teach before you taught writing? When did you start teaching at this school? Why did you decide to teach here?

You are the first writing teacher I ever had. When I thought wow I can write I thought it's because of you. You got me into writing. I never liked writing but now I do. Sorry for Wednesday. :-( Thanks for being a great teacher! (smiley face with tongue sticking out drawn here)

Now what I dig about this letter is that the kid using the 5 W's in the questions. What I dislike is that she spelled a lot as one word, which is a pet peeve in class.

Letter # 3

Dear Mrs. D******k, (<--- grrr, spelled my name wrong!!!)
m sorry for our behavor on wendsday. And I sware that we will NEVER (underlined twice) be that bad ever again!
If thar is anything we can do to make it up for you then we will do is as fast as we can.

My apoligeas,

P.S. I'm really sorry !!!!!!!
Your a real GREAT (underlined three times) teacher no mater what that visiter say's!

This kid is just stupid.

Not because of the spelling and grammatical errors, but because he has me in the palm of his hand until he started being a smart ass in the P.S.



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