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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random Act...

Photo from: The Beautiful Heart Foundation, Inc.

I took my sister to the airport early this morning, with a stop at McD's before arriving at school. As I pulled up the window to pay, the cashier told me the truck in front of me had paid for me. I laughed, thinking she was being funny but no, the man in front of us had paid for breakfast for us!

I cannot tell you how this made me feel! I honked twice and waved and he did a friendly wave back and left. (It was all I could do to not get out of my car and tackle the guy with a giant hug!!!) Little L and I spent the whole trip to school discussing ways to pay it forward.

I hope you get to be the recipient of a random act like this and I also hope that you will just make an effort to perform one act of random kindness. You never know who or how you are affecting someone!

Poet Rumi: "Be kind to everyone you meet. Everyone you meet is carrying a burden of some kind."


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