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Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer time...

I always think I'll have more time to blog but it turns out I have more time to enjoy life during the summer so the postings sometimes fall to the side.

I've been busy this week with the two very special men in my life. I had the honor and joy of being Baby Roo's caretaker for a few days while mommy and daddy had a much needed vacation. Their anniversary was Feb. 28th and they had planned a small getaway - I think they call them Babymoons now - instead of honeymoon -- a pre-baby getaway. However, Baby Roo decided to arrive early and there went the little getaway!

So the timing was perfect and I enjoyed every last minute of being with my grandson. I took lots of photos but mostly we played, tickled, sang, and played some more. That kid sure smiles a lot! He sleeps through the night and is just the most easy going baby ever! Little L was absolutely amazing and helped me so much. I love how she is so calm and caring with her nephew. She often will spend her own hard earned money to buy him a new outfit. She is certainly a doting aunt! It was sad to see him leave with his mommy and daddy but I know it won't be long before we enjoy time together again. I am so grateful that my summers are free to do these kinds of things!

Last weekend was a quick trip to San Diego to escape the heat of Tucson. Turns out there was a heatwave in Calif. and it was 105 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) while we were there. I kid you not. Usually it's ALWAYS 75 and cool breezes. I took photos but we are trying to forget that we spent $5.00 a gallon for gas to escape the heat just to be fried in a Calif. desert instead of the Tucson desert. It is the get away-of-which-we-will-not-speak-of.

And lastly - the other man in my life - my sweet, sweet Sparky is celebrating his birthday today. Since we were so BIG about it last year (Vegas, baby!) we are low key this year. He bought himself Season 3 of the Muppets at the bookstore last night and he wants margaritas and finger foods (ribs, baked potato skins, etc.) on the patio tonight. I am off to get an ice cream cake (DON'T READ THIS SPARKY!) to deliver to his office.

I am looking forward to another weekend with my family. HOW did I get so lucky?

Happy Birthday, Sparky! I love you!


Blogger Musicaljean said...

That picture is just precious. You are lucky to have your grandson nearby.

10:04 AM  

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