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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And I totally forgot to mention the volcanoes!!!

I wrote this little story for my sister to explain my lack of a birthday gift to her. Do you think she will buy it?! :-)

Picture yourself on a tropical island.
Now picture the waves gentle pushing against the sand.
Imagine beautiful seashells lining the shore.
You walk towards the sunset when suddenly you feel something sharp under your foot. You look down. It's bleeding!!! A stupid seashell has sliced through your big toe! Seagulls are gathering, ready to pick at your open, oozing wound!! You try to run but your toe is bleeding profusely! You limp, crying in agony, the pain traveling the entire length of your leg as you struggle with every step to get off the sand which is invading the cut and making it sting with the pain of a thousand bees!

You finally reach your car, only to realize you don't know where your keys are! Little children run scared, seeing the trail of blood you have left behind. You begin to feel dizzy. You stumble into the car door and bang your head, suffering a horrendous head injury that causes you to lose your memory.

You wake up in a strange hut, surrounded by natives of the island. They don't speak your language but they are licking their lips and there is a very large kettle on the fire. You scream and try to run but your toe is now the size of a small porcupine. The natives close in on you when you mercifully lose consciousness.

*** And that is why I am not sending you airline tickets to Hawaii for your birthday! I love you too much to do that to you!!!!! Love, M :-)


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