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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Philly Sistah

Yesterday, Little L and I went to the movies to see Baby Mama. It's dollar day on Tuesdays. How great is that?!

We had a blast although I think I enjoyed the movie a little more than Little L did. The plot was cute and predictable but I like that. I love Tina Fey's sense of humor. She doesn't try to be funny, she just is. She writes the way I think. So I find it great comedy. Steve Martin was in the film and I started laughing before he even opened his mouth. His very PRESENCE makes me lose it and I was the only one in the theater holding my mouth so the laughter wouldn't spill out in loud echoes while everyone concentrated on what he might say that was funny. I have loved Steve since I was 14 and it never changes. He could have not spoken a single word in this film and I would have been in stitches.

Now my Sistah, Tina Fey is from Upper Darby, a suburb a Philly, while I am from Chester, a ghetto suburb of Philly. :-) The movie had lots of references to Pa....

Tastycake binges, a visit to get a cheesesteak, the Philly skyline and some other things. It was like taking a trip back home without the airfare! And Tina Fey has the greatest glasses and can dress like no ones business. She wears a lot of black and white, a few muted jewel colors. Classic heels and the perfect hair round out her look which I always strive for but never achieve. Oh well, it's good to have a role model to aspire to!

I know I am always talking about my Irish roots because of my grandfather on my father's side and my grandfather on my mother's side both being Irish but it has really stayed with me since reading about my paternal grandmother being from Philly and tracing both sides of her mom and dad all the way back to 1725 in Philly. That is a LONG TIME to be in one city! How I wish I could ask questions, find out where exactly they lived, how they lived, what they did for a living. I can't help but picture my paternal grandmother a bit like the character Rose from the movie Titanic. They way Rose was a little bit of a rebel and fell in love with a young, Irish lad. That is what my Grandmother Rebeccah Copple did! She married Thomas McNulty and they apparently moved to a suburb of Philly - Wallingford/Springfield. My father told me that she died in childbirth when my dad was about 3 years old. I don't even have a face -- a picture -- to assign to her but I think I understand her spirit.


Blogger Mia Turner said...

Hey, I ADORED the movie! I wanna go with you guys when you go next week!

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