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Saturday, April 11, 2009


Here's the headline on the website:

But when you click on the story, you find out it was a....

THAT IS SO MISLEADING. A TEACHER is NOT, I repeat NOT a SUNDAY SCHOOL teacher. This makes me so angry. Let's stir up a nation that already doesn't respect or pay for teachers. Let's continue to use subliminal messages to make the public see what cruel, evil devils educators are. Let's keep paying millions and millions to men who can get a ball in a little basket, let's keep showering money on gangsters who rap about beating bitches and cops while thousands upon thousands of teachers are being cut from budgets all across our nation, forcing class sizes to 30 +...

I hate you, Fox News.

And yes, I am aware that a little girl was murdered and that is what I am most angry about. Because really, it all boils down to what we care about most (or rather LEAST) in our nation - children. If we had tougher laws and actually weren't afraid of offending someone's so called civil rights, KNOWN and PROVEN child molesters and killers would be killed within 30 days of committing their crime.


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