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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I am ready to come back to writing again...

Andrew doing his Harry Potter impression...

I've spent a long time using Facebook. Various reasons... the most of which is that it's the fast food of blogging. I can type a line or two, upload a photo MUCH quicker and easier than on blogger, and still satisfy my need to connect with family and friends about life.

But I do miss having the floor, so to speak, that comes with blogs. With facebook, you are limited in who, how, what, etc. (My own self-editing, I am sure) But I do miss putting a special poem or quote here with photos that I've taken. There is the notes feature on facebook which is good but still... I spent many years creating and maintaining my blog and I don't think I'm ready to give it up yet. Who knows, a week from now I may change my mind. That's the beauty of freedom. Ironically - on Veteran's Day.

So I'm going to test the waters... I'm going to see if Blogger is going to be kind and not take 20 minutes to upload a photo and let me change fonts, etc. and make this thing pretty, like I imagine.

Here we go....


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