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Friday, May 19, 2006

Thank God for Little Girls...

Today I was unable to attend the funeral of a friend's daughter. The end of the year is a difficult time to come up with subs. I called a mutual friend to let her know what I heard about the situation and she was able to attend and I am glad for that. I had the brother of the girl who died in my 4th grade class years ago. She was 21 when she died last Saturday. She was living in Phoenix and was estranged from her mother. I cannot, will not, even comprehend the way my friend must feel. The girl, Amber, died of an epileptic seizure. Ironically, one the the things that caused the girl to stop speaking with her mother was that mom wanted her to take medication and the girl refused. The fought over this a lot. Of course, there were other issues but last Satuday, as she was having a seizure, her boyfriend wanted to take her to the hospital. She refused saying that they would make her take medication which required her not to drive for a year. She couldn't do that. She had school. And work. She was just tired and needed to sleep. She went to bed and never got back up. So I guess I am processing two things in my head. One, the death of a young girl and two, the fact that we rush and rush and say such silly things as "I can't do this... because I have to do that..." and then you end up dead and you cannot do the things you wanted to do anyway. It's hard wrapping my head around all of this.

But here's one thing I am taking away from this. I am going to tell you how incredibly blessed I am. My daughters - the joy of my life - the pride of my heart - the bright suns in my morning - the glowing stars in my evening - the sweetest, most adorable, loving, kind, generous, caring, nurturing, funny, forgiving, wonderful souls on this planet --- were given to ME. And I cannot understand why but I accept this great gift. I can honestly say that I will never doubt their love for me. They show me daily in the actions and words. I feel it when I am with them. They treat me well, with respect and love. They give me far more than I have ever given to them. I am the most honored women in the world to have been blessed with these two particular souls to raise, nurture, and love. Any mother would be so happy to have them and yet - ME. I got them. I - am - blessed.


Blogger sweet pea said...

gee, and i hung up on you when you called. lol. I love you mommy. Now stop making me cry. ;-)

2:05 AM  
Blogger Moron Family said...

And that's what makes us the moron family or the gilmore girls.... you did hang up on me! hahahaha..... don't be silly, I loved that you even called me! You had to hang up quickly and I completely understand! THANKS for calling me from work! :)

Mum (soon-to-be-Lady McCartney)

7:42 AM  

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