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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Good News and Bad News

The good news is...

Sparky and I drove to Los Angeles over the weekend to attend a taping of the show King of Queens. It was soooo great! I love that show and especially Jerry Stiller. He is an icon so it was awesome to see him in person. Leah Remini is this tiny, petite, did I mention tiny? little slip of a thing and drop dead gorgeous. She was signing autographs after the show and although Kevin James was nearby, I knew I wanted to snag the autograph from Leah for Sparky. I had sent Sparky off to find a picture of the cast. He had not returned so I pulled a bandaid out of my pocket (it was wrapped still, at least!!!) and called to Leah, who was now in front of me "Leah! Will you please sign this for my husband, Bob?" She smiled and TOOK THE SCRIPT FROM UNDER HER ARM and starting signing it!!! I couldn't believe it! It says" TO BOB KISSES! Leah Remini. I thanked her and called to Sparky.

He came over and couldn't believe his eyes! I felt badly cause he didn't get to see her as up close as I had but he did get to see her. He called out, "Thanks, Leah!" and she laughed again. What a sweetheart she was!

They were taping on a Saturday night which is unheard of. The staff said she was ill (102 temp) on their normal Friday night taping. So if that is true, she was still not feeling well but you wouldn't have known it. She was very cordial and stayed a long time to sign for people!

The bad news is...

Sparky got laid off after 14 years on the job. Just like that. They laid off his boss too. On the news this morning they said this is the time when layoffs begin. Sparky has never been laid off before. Luckily, he has a severance package. It's just so surreal. I mean, he has been going to this place ever since we moved to Tucson 14 years ago. I feel so badly for him. In good news though, he does have an interview tomorrow at 3:00. Stay tuned. :)

We have our house, we have our health, we have our kids and friends and family. Not to downplay this (cause it truly is a shock to the system) but in the big picture - we are still very, very lucky people.


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