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Saturday, April 14, 2007

What's with the 2 posts in one day thingy?

Anywho... my niece posted Five Good Things and asked us to respond so I am posting my answers here. Now it's your turn. You must post or I will be forced to weave a spell over you that causes your internet to run slow and your computer to freeze up. (Disclaimer: I am NOT the cause of this on PC computers - that is the Mac gods attacking the PC's.)

Auntie M's (I am Auntie M when I posted on my niece's site) FIve Good Things

(wasn't sure if this was long term or just this weekend good things!)

* I saw a picture today of a dining room that inspired me and I wrote down everything I need to do to make my dining room look "finished".

* I bought the cutest and MOST comfortable pair of sketchers in the world.

* I decided that the color in the living room IS the perfect color so I don't have to repaint the whole living room now.

* I am making a new recipe for spaghetti tomorrow that I am excited about. The reason this is good news is because my taste buds were "off" for a few weeks and nothing - I mean NOTHING - even sounded appetizing. I think it's back now. Yeah!

* I feel at peace with my life. (Family, friends, work, etc.)


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