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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Anybody Got a Tissue?

Me: Here is the post formative test. Please check your work before you place it in the finished basket.

4th grade girl: Done with 5 formatives in less than 5 minutes. One of them is subtraction across zeros ( 4 and 5 digits).

Me: Let me see your test.

I look at the tests. No work is showing AT ALL.

Me: Where is your work?

Her: I did it in my head.

Me: Softly crying.

I think I may have died a little bit.

I tell these kids over and over and over and over that I can be the greatest teacher in the world but if they don't put effort into it, if they don't apply themselves and "plug in", it just doesn't matter what I say. She didn't use ONE strategy I taught this week. I am so very sad for her. Her work habits will only bite her in the ass as she heads to middle school.

The hardest thing EVER for a teacher is to let one go. Because I am not her regular ed. teacher, I have to let this one go. It will haunt me if I don't.

No Child Left Behind? What if they don't want to come along?

No amount of good teaching can change someone who is not ready to be motivated to learn.

I completely understand "you can lead a horse to water..." If only the president understood this.

On the other hand, I have a little girl who actually used the strategies I taught her and did much better on the post formatives. She saved me for another day.

I need a hershey bar.


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