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Friday, March 14, 2008


Sweet Pea and I had what began as a lovely evening last night. We ate dinner ( homemade cheeseburgers and leftover salad) and stayed up enjoying baby Andrew. We both crashed around 1 am. I was biting my nails all night. I am not a nail biter. I didn't even realize I was doing it. Had Sparky been here, he would have asked me what was worrying me, as he is very in tune with me.

Somewhere around 3 am I heard Sweet Pea softly crying. I sat up in bed and she was headed to my guest room with the baby. She could barely speak or breath.

Pain - upper left quadrant, radiating to the front. Classic gallbladder pain.

We had two choices. (Don was at work) We could get the baby in the car and I could drop her off at the E.R. or we could call an ambulance. Not one for the drama of it all, she opted for the car ride. We bundled Andrew up and proceeded to drive to the ER.

I came back home and fed and changed the baby and waited for word from the hospital. She was promptly admitted and an ultrasound was done to confirm our diagnosis. Later, an MRI revealed, thankfully, no blockage.

As I type this, she is in surgery, having her gallbadder removed. She will spend the night in the hospital and most likely come home after breakfast in the am.

Sparky and Little L are on their way, Mr. Sweet Pea left to see her post - op. The ironic things? Her brother in law works at the hospital as well as Mr. Sweet Pea so they can spend the night checking up on her. I have next week off and can easily remain here to care for her and Andrew, as well as Mr. Sweet Pea. The timing could not have been better, if we have to go through all of this.

Poor Sweet Pea is physically and mentally spent - drained - exhausted. She is a strong woman though and can really lay some good guilt trips on Andrew when he asks for things as a teenager. :-)

Keep some love for her - she needs all that she can get right now!

Here is a photo of Andrew that reminds me of Sweet Pea as a baby. This photo makes even me lactate.

I think we will go for a walk just before dusk when the sun is setting and there is a cool breeze. The fresh air will do us both some good.

P.S. The reason for the title of this post is because I had severe gallbladder problems during my pregnancy with Little L and had it taken out a few months after she was born. Sweet Pea has me beat there, as she is going in ten days post-partum.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that picture really does look like his mommy. (And I am old enough to remember!)

Good thoughts to her and you all!

Jen L

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prayers are being said for all of you!


1:37 PM  

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