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Friday, August 19, 2005

Me and a pizza named Boboli

(This is what I would rather be eating - In -N- Out burger, my first picture ever with my digital camera last year!)
Sparky and Little Lotte went to the movies. A whole-complete-yes-whole night to myself!

What's a girl to do? I put in a boboli pizza (it's not that good) and have a Diet Dr. Pepper (it's very good) and there are brownies that keep calling my name from the kitchen but I haven't had time to answer them yet.

I haven't been alone a lot so it's funny. I didn't know what to do first. I think I MAY have even skipped in the hall as I was trying to decide exactly WHAT I wanted to do.

There was something really lame on tv but I don't know how to use the remote controls. No, wait... don't laugh. You don't understand. We have two (2) count 'em 2 remotes for every tv. I am not sure why. I think it has something to do with the fact that the sounds that emit from the tv aren't good enough for Sparky so he has to rig it all up to have the sounds come out through the stereo. Then there is the dvd, vcr, isomethingorothers, etc. and thus the two remote controls.

Therein, lies (lays?) my problem. I once walked into the room and tried to turn up the volume and I couldn't watch tv the rest of the night because I pushed the WRONG buttons on the WRONG remote and couldn't get back to 1st base. The fam tries to explain which 43 buttons to push (JUST to turn the dang thing on) but I cannot remember the order, even if I could remember which 43 buttons. So I sit here.... frozen... afraid to change NIGHTLINE because I will be banned from the pleasure of watching a future possible rerun of The King of Queens. If I could, I would pop in a DVD of Fawlty Towers but I :
1. Don't know how to play said DVD
2. Don't know which 37 buttons to push to deactivate the tv and play the DVD
3. Don't really even know which of the black and silver rectangular boxes on the entertainment IS actually the DVD

Sigh... So I sit here, a candle lit, listening to some old man on Nightline talk about the media and sex and how children are exposed too much to sex on tv and I see NIGHTLINE showing constantly changing images of said sex scenes. I mean come on.. the kids are telling ALL of their friends in 4th grade to watch the show tonight 'cause they are going to be on TV and then these kids get exposed to more images that NIGHTLINE is saying are being shown on tv too much. Am I the ONLY one who see the irony in this?

Time for a Diet Dr. Pepper refill.


Blogger sweet pea said...

Maybe we should get you a universal remote for christmas. One remote for everything in the house. It could be your own, personal remote! ;-) Then, you wouldn't be left to sit in the dark ages. hehehe ;-) Love you!!!!

10:29 AM  

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