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Sunday, December 04, 2005

My Prima Ballerina

Two posts in one day?! Be sure to scroll down to read about my weekend - it was magical!

Little Lottie LOVES dancing, ballet in particular. She only started last year at the age of 15. I finally found a local school that was nearby and she relishes it. I even added jazz dance for her this year and an extra ballet class. She practices EVERY DAY afterschool in her room in addition to the 3 classes a week she takes and maintains a "A" in all of her classes including an honors class. I am SO proud of her. Always have been, always will be.

This week alone, her jazz dance instructor mentioned that she was the only one who had the dance memorized and performance is in two weeks.

Yesterday, Little Lottie invited us to attend an extra rehearsal for her Nutcracker performance. Sweet Pea and I were glad to go. The owner of the studio is her teacher this year. We quietly slipped in to watch the 20 girls practice their performance. I hardly watched the others as I am a proud mamma and concentrated on my baby girl.

I am amazed to watch her confidence and smile as she glides across the floor performing various leaps and ballet movements. She doesn't miss a move.

After the song ends, the owner/instructor starts to talk to the girls. She points out various things that a few of the young ladies need to work on. Suddenly, she starts talking about one dancer who keeps her body open while dancing, lifted and smiling the whole time. She said that this dancer makes her want to get up and dance and literally brings tears to her eyes with the beauty of her movements. She said that this is the kind of ballerina the audience is drawn to. And then she points to my baby girl, Little Lottie.

Little Lottie's eyes get big, my eyes get big. Sweet Pea and I exchange glances. The instructor goes on and on about how they need to smile like her and open their bodies and carry themselves as she does. There were girls there (about 5) who were on point. They are really the prima ballerinas but it was Little Lottie who shined in that performance!

Afterwards, I went up to the instructor and told her that she had changed Little Lottie's life but she had also just made me the proudest mother on the planet. She grabbed me and hugged me, a warm hug, and said that she meant it. She was really in tears watching her dance because of the joy she projects and the way she carries her body. I was in tears. Speechless (hard to do to me!) And then... I watched Little Lottie FLOAT out of the room as I FLOATED behind her.

I am not much into bragging... but this HAD to be said. Little Lottie, you make me laugh everyday with your sense of humor and view of the world. You make me happy with the way you care for people and animals. You are a wonderful writer, a warm human being, and a TALENTED, HARDWORKING dancer and I am SO PROUD OF YOU! I LOVE YOU!!! xo

The pictures are from her role as a Wood Nymph in the Nutcracker from last year. I was not good at taking pictures yet with my new camera so sadly, these are the only ones I have. I will have better ones this year to post! Be sure to look for them! She is a FLOWER this year. :)


Blogger Sue said...

You are so wonderful!! I have spent the evening reading your blog. I love it! Makes me's so you. Just wanted to say hello and I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!

10:00 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

Can you believe I actually spent time trying to figure out why it said 9:00.....Oh goodness I need to go to bed! It's midnight here!

10:02 PM  
Blogger Moron Family said...

Dear Susan,

I was just thinking about you the other day!!! Really, I was! I am SO glad to read your comments. To be honest, (old habits die hard) I was worried that you really didn't want to keep in contact. I am glad to see that you really go. :)
I will have to write more now. Didn't want to wear out my welcome. I LOVE reading your blog and I hope you don't mind, but I am secretly planning for your youngest son to marry my yougest daughter. He is TOO cute and TOO smart and VERY wonderful. He is really special, as I am sure all of your sons are. Hard to believe we have grown children, isn't it?!?!

4:56 PM  

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