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Monday, November 07, 2005

Light and Fluffy

Ok, so I am not discussing politics, religion, global warming, lack of retirment benefits, or anything else of substance. My blog just is what it is. And with that disclaimer, shall we?

I just came back from a home visit to one of my student's homes. It was fun. We had a lovely visit and I loved the house. She had yellow walls and black frames and primitive quilts, etc. It was warm and homey. Then we went across the street to visit a neighbor and she had this even more incredibly beautiful home, filled with country (NOT THE GEESE COUNTRY - the black wrought iron stars and candles - country) and it made me feel like I was in colonial Pa. It was STUNNING to say the least.

Then I got home and said -- hhmmm, what is wrong with my house? WHY doesn't it look that way? I think I figured out several things.

#1 - I have little things but I need one large thing or two large things for impact/statement.
#2 - I DON'T really know my style. One day it's toile and french country and the next I want that Pa. home feel. THAT is the biggest problem because the two styles don't really blend, or do they? seems to have made a nice blend of french country with casual country. I dunno.....
#3 - I work full time. If I were home all day maybe I could devote more time to decorating and planning and putting things where I want them. So I need to go easy on myself and just say hey, as long as I like it, that is the point. Right?

We had so much fun talking about stitching though and now I am inspired. This weekend I plan to go to Michael's and buy muslin, thread, and a needle and make something. I used to cross stitch but I was too busy raising the girls to sit and do that. NOW that I have little more time since Sweet Pea abandoned , er I mean left home for her own life, I can do some stuff. But now? I am blind - OLD! Can't see! So let's see how this stitching thing goes......


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I absolutely LOVE that picture!!! hehehe

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