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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Right and Wrong

There is a right way to eat a cheesesteak and a wrong way. I am surprised that I was able to commit my life forever and always for all eternity till death do us part to a man who eats a cheesesteak the WRONG way. Here is a picture of the wrong way. See that red stuff? It's TOMATO SAUCE. Tomato sauce has its place in the world. It belongs on oh say... PIZZA, or SPAGHETTI, EGGPLANT PARMESEAN. It does NOT belong on a cheesesteak. I consider this an abomination and I am pretty sure the cheesesteak gods do as well. And to add injury to insult, it's served on a soft roll. This is called a PIZZA Steak, NOT a cheesesteak and I am appalled at the fact that people are allowed to walk the face of the earth in this ignorance.

The right way to eat a cheesesteak is on a HARD roll. It is served with onions and SWEET PEPPERS. It has to come from Phil & Jim's in Chester, Pa. to be the ultimate but a V & S cheesesteak from Reading, Pa. (you even have to tell them NO SAUCE, OMG) is a good alternative when you just can't chance getting hit by a stray bullet.


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