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Saturday, August 20, 2005

And in a doesn't get any better!

Sparky can have his Dibs.... I'll take a quart of this every night!

We bought a DVD of a concert with Chicago and Earth, Wind and Fire. RUN to the store for this DVD. We spent three hours watching it and then another 3 hours playing all our Chicago & EWF albums and cd's.

Bobby Lamm is now referred to as Robert Lamm because he is over 60, I guess but that man is proof that men get better with age. He had this black, long sleeved buttoned shirt on. With black pants.... dreamy sigh. Everyone else was wearing sleeveless shirts. NOTE TO MEN: Don't wear sleeveless shirts. NOTE TO BOBBY LAMM : I'll be up all night, feel free to stop by.


Blogger Archeron said...

Funny, I always remember him being referred to as Robert Lamm, but then again, I don't know him on a first name basis!

As for sleeveless shirts, was this filmed in the 80's, a time period when men actually wore those things? Unless you are an aging rock star, those things usually make the statement, "meet me in my double-wide".

8:55 AM  

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