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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Weekend Surprise and How We Live Up to Our Name: Moron Family

So Friday night, I am saying goodbye to my sister and brother in law as they are moving to Miss. and I am all sad....In the middle of our visit, Sweet Pea calls and says she is flying in in about 3 hours. That's the advantage of working for the airline and I would much rather have her in the air for 45 minutes than be on the road with the drunks and crazies at midnight.

WHAT A TREAT!!! The next day there was a big craft show that we love to go to so we went to that and had a BLAST. She is so excited about decorating her first apartment. Then we took Little Lottie to ballet practice (see the next post for my bragging rights on that one!) and Little Lottie says "Hey, why don't you spend the night again!" (Sweet Pea was planning on flying back around 7 ish. We talked her into staying another night with the promise of Red Lobster for dinner and this GLORIOUS luminaria walk through Tohono Chul Park. Well, she agreed to stay and we had a lovely dinner - we always enjoy our time together as a family, laughing and inside jokes galore.

We drive across town to the park. $8.00 a head. No problem, worth it for lights! (Please start to insert sarcastic tone here) There were lights. In a few trees. White ones. There were 3 green saguaros. There were 2 tumbleweed Snowmen. With white lights. And there were 5 gift shops that sell those stupid scorpions under glass and prickly pear jelly and potholders with pictures of cactus all over them. (Read: TOURIST TRAPS) And we triiieeeddd to get our $8.00 worth... Look! That might be hot chocolate! No, it's coffee. Sigh.... There are some bells! Let's touch the bells! Check. Now what? The jokes start flying at mom's attempt to bring these "unique" experiences to the family. Ahhhh yes, another great family memory.

Cost of admission to Tohono Chul for 12 white trees and 3 green ones: $8.00 per person.
Cost to listen to Seniorita strum La Cocaracha on guitar (? she didn't know any christmas music?) FREE (included in the $8.00 per person)
Cost to view a lit chiminea: FREE (Included in the $8.00 per person)
Cost of Starbucks afterwards: $16.00
Cost of new black pens at Ventana Canyon Resort: FREE (can't write about that here - just trust me - they have new pens)
Cost of time together as a family: You know..... P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S !!

Thanks, Sweet Pea!!!!! ! It was the GREATEST surprise and the greatest day! I LOVE YOU!!!


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