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Friday, December 30, 2005

Future Teacher

So I have this precious little girl in my class who LOVES writing to me in my class blog. Anyway, this is her most recent entry. In my opinion, she will not only be a teacher one day, but she is already on the way to BURNOUT as a teacher. Take a look-see...


I don't think anybody is going to type to you Christmas break.Maybe they just don't even bother to get on the internet and type to you.Maybe they are to lazy to type to you on the weekends and breaks.I mean the only 2 people who typed to you is Sadey and Me.Maybe people aren't even reading and they are not blogging to you so you can see if they read over the break.I'm going to read over the break.Today I read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.I learned that Harry finds out that Ron's little sister is behind all of the mess.The other people think the whole thing is behind Harry.Well I ahve to go,bye.By the way have a HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE,bye.See you next year. K****"

God love her! Yesterday she wrote to tell me she "can't wait to come back to school to see my face." That's because she hasn't seen it stuffed with chocolate and puffy from all the glorious extra sleep I am getting. :) My face is downright SCARY right now. It's ok though - I keep running into students throughout break. I even ran into a former Kindergarten student and her mom and siblings at DISNEYLAND. Let's face it. If I stay in Tucson until I retire there will be NOWHERE I can go on the planet that I won't be seeing a former student!!!

And by the way - the picture I posted on this entry was written to me by a former Kindergarten student. I am happy to say that my 4th grade class writes with a little more detail. :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And a classic post, since it is dated 2005. As Frank Sinatra would say..."It was a very good year.."

1:00 AM  
Anonymous the feathered nest said...

Oh she's a cutie! She has such enthusiasm. Is she like that in class? I can just see her going a mile a minute!


8:16 AM  

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