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Monday, May 29, 2006

Withdrawing my Nomination

Potential Mrs. McCartneys queue up
By Ellen Futterman

...Last week, in the wake of McCartney's separation after four years from Mills, I asked readers who would be a good match for McCartney.

"Heather has no clue what she is letting go of," wrote Dana, who went on to nominate herself as the next "Mrs. Paul McCartney." She figures in addition to being a diehard Beatles fan, specifically a Paul girl, her first name is the same as McCartney's first and beloved wife, Linda.

"Destiny," Dana declared.

Of course there is one tiny sticking point: Linda Dana has been married to Mark Dana for the past 28 years. Still, she assured me, that's no problem.

"This isn't anything Mark hasn't heard from me before," Dana said. "It's friggin' Paul McCartney. I think at this point, (Mark) would put me on the plane himself." ...


Dear Paul,

After much consideration, I respectfully withdrawl my hat from the ring to be your new wife. Yes, yes, I know - we both thought I would NEVER say such rubbish but alas, I confess that I cannot leave my husband of 26 (27 in August) years. Crazy as it may sound, I am more in love with him today than I was when we met.

Would you be there for me when I gained weight, lost it, gained it again, and then tried to lose it again? Would you bother to learn the ridiculously long name for the drink I order at Starbucks, like he has? Would you switch sides of the bed with me, in the middle of the night, simply because I am having trouble sleeping and "maybe this side will be better!"? Will you ask me if I need something, anything, numerous times a day just because you want to dote on me and take care of me? Would you be willing to do the laundry every week because I don't push buttons on an ipod, let alone a washing machine?

How about moving my room? I've been teaching for 12 years so I have collected LOTS of stuff. Are you willing to move my room? In 100 degree heat? Will you sit in the room with me while I set it back up again? Will you bring me unlimited diet pepsi while I am setting up the room?

Will you tell me that you love me every single day, many times a day and mean it? Are you going to remain calm even though I just spent $150.00 at the grocery store but I don't feel like cooking and ask you to pick up Chinese on the way home? Do you know what makes me laugh, cry, angry, and sad? Will you be the greatest father in the world to my two princesses?

Give my best to the Queen. Maybe in another lifetime. I just happen to already be married to "My Love."



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