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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Broken Wing

This is my latest purchase. I found her while looking for a small lamp for my computer desk. She was sitting on a shelf, covered in this gorgeous patina. It wasn't until I picked her up that I realized her wing was broken. It didn't matter, she was just too pretty to leave sitting on a shelf in the store and needed to sit on a shelf in my house! I couldn't find a price tag so I just took her to the register. They had to look up the price and imagine my delight and surprise when they came back and rang up $.99. Uhuh.... my little broken winged angel was less than a buck.

I could get all religious and talk about how we throw or give away that which seems to have outlived its usefullness. I could be meditative and discuss how I sometimes feel like the angel with the broken wing and hope that others still sees my worth. I could be new age and talk about previous lives and the patina that seems to overlay our present lives. But instead I will let this angel speak to you in your own way (the way she spoke to me in the store).

...1 broken winged angel : 99 cents
...Being reminded that the unexpected find can add value and meaning to our lives: priceless