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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Drama Queen

I took a little spill at work on Tuesday. Uneven asphalt (that's what they call it in the southwest while we northern folk know it's macadam). Anyway, I scrapped my knee and elbow well but my ankle was really pained. The school, afraid I would sue them for workman’s comp, ahem... I mean WORRIED ABOUT MY WELL BEING insisted I get an xray at an office across town that they apparently have set up for such events. Nothing is fractured (except my dignity from falling) and all was going just ducky UNTIL the Dr. asked when I last had a tetnus shot. WHY OH WHY did I not just lie?!?! I couldn't remember so naturally, they inflicted my arm with the dreaded needle. I KNEW I was in trouble when, instead of telling me it was not going to hurt, the nurse began making small talk. CRAP! I knew she was trying to get my mind off the fact that she was about to stab my arm with a giant needle. It really hurt. And I've given birth naturally. Twice.

A few minutes later, I began to feel woozy. I think I said, "I feel dizzy." so the Dr. laid me down and not liking the color of my pale face, lifted both my legs to get blood back in my head. Eventually, they let me leave the torture chamber and I returned to my home and the comfort of my new couch. Through all of this, I should mention that Sparky was a real gem. He set me up with diet rootbeer, french fries, and ice a plenty. He gave me lots of kisses and then the remote. It was a nice, relaxing afternoon.

It doesn't end there... my arm hurts WAY MORE than my ankle, knee, or elbow. I am never, ever, ever getting a tetnus shot again. I will lie like a dog and have a date in mind, ready, for when they ask. It hurt so much last night that I took the pain medicine intended for my ankle, to take the edge off the pain in my arm. I was out by 8 p.m.

I took a picture of the ankle but uploaded it under Lauren's name. IF I get around to it, I 'll post it.
And how is your week going?

Friday, July 21, 2006


Sorry for the lack of originality but it's been a tough week. Back to school with students and learning over 400 names. And I taught procedures to 20 classes. The.Same.Talk.And.Practice.20.Times.

But today was better. Today the rotation began again and I actually got to teach. Loved it. Exhausting only because it's 107 and I am not drinking enough water. Note to self: drink more water.

Couple of cute things. I teach the students the names of the 6 Traits of Writing. I made up little signs to go with them. Keep in mind that I taught at this school, the same 6 Traits thing, 2 years ago. I saw the 1st graders I had and they are now 4th graders and they REMEMEBERED the signs! I was jumping up and down! But I digress. I was showing the signs to a group of 2nd graders. This little girl was using her pinky for a sign that uses your pointer finger. I explained to her where her pointer finger was but she didn't seem to get it. She flipped me off (not on purpose) doing the sign and I giggled for the next minute or so. It was so funny.

The other cute thing: also involves a cute 2nd grader. Her name was spelled Caiolin. I asked her how to say it. She says
"Key-lyn". I smile and say, thank you. Is that Irish? And she looked me square in the eye, this little 2nd grader and said, "No, it's Gaelic."

It's good to be back with the wee ones! (EXCEPT the 1st graders. I still don't like 1st grade!!!!) :)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

They're peninsulas, you sickos..(and what appears to be a Christmas tree)

So tomorrow I go back to school. The kids come back next week. This week is a work week plus a few in-services thrown in for good measure.

I am back to teaching writing again. I will teach 1st - 5th grade. 40 minutes each class. I am THRILLED having just left the regular ed. classroom. I am glad I was back there for 2 years but I prefer to actually have a life outside of teaching so I am grateful for this position. One subject. Granted, 4 grade levels but that is CHEESECAKE compared to what I was doing. I love 4th grade and it will always be my favorite grade to teach but as I said, I like to have a life after 5 pm. :)

Now I am off to take a Tylenol PM so I can actually SLEEP rather than lie awake all night planning all the work I will be doing tomorrow. Night night!