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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Anybody Got a Tissue?

Me: Here is the post formative test. Please check your work before you place it in the finished basket.

4th grade girl: Done with 5 formatives in less than 5 minutes. One of them is subtraction across zeros ( 4 and 5 digits).

Me: Let me see your test.

I look at the tests. No work is showing AT ALL.

Me: Where is your work?

Her: I did it in my head.

Me: Softly crying.

I think I may have died a little bit.

I tell these kids over and over and over and over that I can be the greatest teacher in the world but if they don't put effort into it, if they don't apply themselves and "plug in", it just doesn't matter what I say. She didn't use ONE strategy I taught this week. I am so very sad for her. Her work habits will only bite her in the ass as she heads to middle school.

The hardest thing EVER for a teacher is to let one go. Because I am not her regular ed. teacher, I have to let this one go. It will haunt me if I don't.

No Child Left Behind? What if they don't want to come along?

No amount of good teaching can change someone who is not ready to be motivated to learn.

I completely understand "you can lead a horse to water..." If only the president understood this.

On the other hand, I have a little girl who actually used the strategies I taught her and did much better on the post formatives. She saved me for another day.

I need a hershey bar.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Head Banger

Well the cute little glow of teaching has worn off and I am completely and utterly ready for break.

I can see why these kids are at intersession. They have the attention span of a paper clip. Smart kids, just can't focus to save their lives. So I am constantly redirecting them back to the task at hand.

Yesterday was particularly challenging to me. I had to refocus these students TOO MANY TIMES. And when I finally got them to focus, the objective at hand was possible outcomes. We painfully get through that and move on to subtraction across zeros. Oh. my. word.

Me: Blah, blah, blah ... so what is 10 - 1?

Students: (Picture a South Park episode where they stare blank- eyed and blink)



Unless you count the sound of my head banging on the whiteboard.

These students are not even able to do basic math - easy recall of subtraction. Parents, I hate you. You buy your kids video games and DVD's and ipods but you don't bother to see what they need in the way of education. (This is not a general statement - this is fact with these students.)

Some things are mundane. Some things are boring. Flashcards are boring. BUT you need rote memorization for basic facts. It just is what it is.

Why do I keep typing? So I won't stab my eye with a pencil.

When I got home my retirment statement from the state arrived in the mail.

Earlier retirment in 4 years or full retirment in 11 years.

I sighed heavily until I remembered that I teaching WRITING and that is what keeps my sanity. Writing is subjective - all I have to do is nurture, provide the safe feeling tone to express their thoughts, and teach them how to put those thoughts on paper.

I can do this for 11 more years!
I can do this for 11 more years!
I can do this for 11 more years!
I can do this for 11 more years!
I can do this for 11 more years!
I can do this for 11 more years!
I can do this for 11 more years!

Monday, September 24, 2007

You Scored an A

You got 10/10 questions correct.

It's pretty obvious that you don't make basic grammatical errors.
If anything, you're annoyed when people make simple mistakes on their blogs.
As far as people with bad grammar go, you know they're only human.
And it's humanity and its current condition that truly disturb you sometimes.


After a fulfilling day of teaching math and reading...

Student: (hugs me) "You are so comfortable!"

Me: (Awww, he likes my teaching style!)

Me: (At least, that is what I think he means. Wait a minute. A fourth grader wouldn't use that word to describe my teaching!)

Me: (Stupidly) "What do you mean?"

Student: "You know, you are soft! Comfortable!"

Me: (Fat and fluffy, got it kid.)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ssshhhh! Don't tell...

Is it sick that I am actually not at all upset about teaching a week of intersession? I am making really good money but that is not it - I have had a blast planning. I am teaching math and reading. I LOVE teaching writing, I can't imagine teaching all the subjects anymore but I am actually looking forward to teaching something different. I only have 6 students and compared to last March when I taught 27 math objectives (HAHAHAHA) I only have 4 math objectives and 3 reading objectives. CAKE WALK!!! And the math objectives are ones that I excelled in teaching when I taught 4th grade. I wrote poems to help the students remember the names of the triangles (scalene, isosceles, and equilateral).

Anywho... it's going to be a great week! These little guys are smart - they just were given a stupid test. I was looking over the formatives and there are typos galore (HOW?! WHY?!?!) and it's really an intelligence test - NOT the content knowledge test that it is supposed to be!!! They literally trick them, the questions are written poorly, and they are not developmentally appropriate. So I just need to teach them that they are smarter than the test. We'll work on strategies that they can use when faced with such idiotic tests. They know the content - I know these little ones. I love my craft!

On another note - we just got back from Phx. a little while ago. Sweet Pea is doing wonderful and her wonderful hubby, Mr. Sweet Pea is taking really good care of her. It was good to just sit around and talk and hug when we needed one. Sparky planted a snail's vine right outside her kitchen window so she has something beautiful to look at while doing dishes.

I'm rambling, aren't I? Goodnight, Gracie!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Maybe Once...Maybe Twice...

Tucson enjoyed a little thunderstorm on Sunday evening. I was able to snap just 2 shots of lightning but I decided to send it into the news station. It was 9:30 at night and we watched the 10 o'clock news but didn't see my pictures.

At school on Tuesday, I had a parapro come to me and say her daughter (she's one of our 4th graders) saw my photo on the news! That was news to me! I was so excited, even though I missed it. Then last night we had a Family Folk Festival that the specialist teachers created and attended and another student and mom told me they saw the picture again!

I sent it to two stations so I am not sure if both showed it or what but cool beans. :-)

And this time? They gave me credit. I think it's extra sweet that the kids noticed my name and not just the picture!

1.5 days till break!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes...Again

2nd Graders discussing what they are going to write during free choice activity.

1st Student: I'm going to write a letter to the president to ask him to stop the war!

2ns Student: Yeah, like that is going to happen.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Turtle Love

Pre-revision sentence:

“I would love to have a lovable turtle like my older sister who is an animal lover and loves turtles.”

Me: “You have overused the word “love”. Can you think of some other words you can use instead?”

Post-revision sentence:

“ I would love to have a lovable turtle like my older sister who is an
animal LIKER and loves turtles.”

Me: (on the inside) Three days until break.

At least she didn’t spell it LICKER like the 1st graders always do!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

O.J. Simpson Named a Suspect in Break-In Involving Sports Memorabilia at Las Vegas Casino

By KATHLEEN HENNESSEY, Associated Press Writer
LAS VEGAS (Associated Press) --  Investigators questioned O.J. Simpson and named him a suspect Friday in a break-in at a casino hotel room involving sports memorabilia.

The break-in was reported at the Palace Station casino late Thursday night, police spokesman Jose Montoya said. He said investigators determined the break-in involved sports collectibles.

"When they talked to him, Simpson made the comment that he believed the memorabilia was his," Montoya said. "We're getting conflicting stories from the two sides."

Simpson was released after he and several associates were questioned, but he is considered a suspect in the case, Montoya said. He is believed to be in Las Vegas.

"We don't believe he's going anywhere," he said.

**************me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Is that the greatest statement or what?!?!?!?!

That poor policeman! He must have been deprived of having a T.V. in 1994!!!

Dear Mr. Montoya,

It has come to my attention that you are investigaing a possible suspect, one O.J. Simpson for robbery. It is my understanding that you:

1. were not born yet in 1994

2. were living on a remote island without cable


3. are a FORD man and hate the negative connotation given to WHITE BRONCOS

I a requesting that you please go to and enter in the following words:



P.S. I refuse to put a picture of O.J. on my blog, thus the blank square.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Unless you are flying SOUTHWEST airlines...

- September 14 -( Email in my inbox this morning from Spark

Dress for Weight Loss Success
Show Off Your Favorite Parts

Each of us has a favorite body part - or we should. Perhaps you have one, or several, areas you think are worth accentuating. If you do feel that way, then good for you. As you get closer to your fitness/health/weight loss goals, you will likely want to show off more of your body, highlighting your best features:

Thin wrists? Wear some bracelets or bangles to show them off.
Great legs? Wear miniskirts at least twice a week.
High collar bones? Get yourself some scoop neck tops.
Tuck in that shirt and belt your waist if it's something worth showing off.
Wear tanks or cap-sleeved tops to...

********** The above article was in my email from SPARK PEOPLE, an online fitness program.

So have you read about the Southwest Airlines incidents? Read below... *******************

Airline dress code not on minds of many
Tucson Citizen

In the wake of Southwest Airlines confronting two women passengers it said were showing too much skin, most folks at Tucson International Airport on Thursday were not concerned.

The first passenger who said she was confronted by Southwest about her clothing was 23-year-old Kyla Ebbert. She said last week she was asked to adjust her sweater and short skirt before boarding a flight from San Diego to Tucson in July.
The second, 21-year-old Setara Qassim, was flying from Tucson to Burbank, Calif. She had to wrap herself and her green halter-style dress in an airline blanket. The airline confirmed Ebbert's claim but said it did not have a record of Qassim's complaint, The Associated Press reported Wednesday.

"It's all very silly," said Southwest passenger Michael Arroyo. "In the '60s and '70s the uniform for them, they were called stewardesses then, was hot pants and boots."

****** me: AND Southwest Airlines was known as the LOVE AIRLINE! Here's a photo of their uniforms from that era...

Arroyo, who said he had no problem with the long-gone uniforms, said he sees folks clad even more scantily on many flights he's taken.

When it comes to revealing clothing, one passenger said he's never had a problem with it. He said if it's too revealing, it would not be appropriate.

"There's a lot of kids here," he said. "And it all depends on the person. If they're young and sexy, it's OK."

************* me: Are you still reading? Cause my mouth just hit the floor on that one!! He's gonna make a FINE husband!

Davonna Blair, 18, was in the Southwest ticket line on her way home to Evansville, Ind. She said she had not heard about the airline clothing issue.

"I've gotten looks at how I dress sometimes," she said.

Still, Blair said she's never been kicked out of places because of her clothes, nor did she think a dress code for airlines would be a good idea.

"The only thing that might bother me is if someone was showing their behind or a nipple popped out," she said.

************me: And then they would just book them for the Superbowl to sing with Justin Timberlake!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oops, My bad... (or maybe there is a little more south in me than I care to admit)

Recent email from one of my big sisters...

Hi Sis,

I loved the post about the south and Ol Miss. Now how about Googling The University of Southern MS aka Southern Miss? That's where we are.

My vacation time has been approved and all we have to do is wait to pick you up at the airport and we'll have lots of exciting southern adventures.



**** But come on! Who would have thought there was more than one univeristy in Mississippi????!!!!

I joke! I joke!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11, 2007

Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it.

Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it.

Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.

~Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Remember this picture?

I took this picture. The superintendent sent me an email to thank me, asking me to send it in a higher resolution as he wanted to share it with his family! That made me feel happy because it was meant to be shared with him!

See this? See my name at the bottom of the photo for the credits? Neither do I.

The super. sent it to the local paper. The local paper prints pictures and usually gives the credit of who took the photo. Not this time. I am a little miffed. I mean, this is my first published photo. I wasn't asked, permission was not given, but I would have taken it better had they given the photographer (that would be me) credit. Would be nice to have in my portfolio but without my name, I can't prove it's my work.

Hmmmmffff. What would you do?

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Should I Be Worried?

Little L and I are making our way to Mississippi in Oct. to visit two of my sisters. So I got on line and checked out what is happening in Ole Miss. and here is what I found on the city-data forum:

(Keep in mind the thread was FUN THINGS TO DO IN MISSISSIPPI!

Cafe Mockingbird in Long Beach has poetry readings from local poets. (sounds cute!)

Gulf Coast Philosophy Group has meetings in Gulfport, 324-**** or (sounds deep!)

There's to be free kidney disease screenings held in Pascagoula this Saturday, call 1800... (seriously?)

Free legal aid clinic, Pearlington Library, 601-352-...(in case I get a ticket from the good ole boys?)

For affordable mental health treatment, try:
-- Gulf Coast Mental Health Center, 228-863-1132. Serves Hancock, Harrison, Pearl River, and Stone counties.
-- Center for Community Resilience, Biloxi, 228-385-1119, affordable rates.
-- Singing River Mental Services, Jackson co., 228-497-0690.
-- MS Department of Health's toll-free helpline: 1877-210-8513.
-- National Suicide Prevention line's toll-free number: 1800-273-8255.

(that seems to be a lot of mental health centers)

Go Saltwater Fishing - (oh joy!) (Fish phobia? me?)

***and on a side note, my sis emailed me to say that she would do all she could to avoid restaurants where they might serve a whole fish on a plate but it is the south. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Cut grass..... (the kidney screening sounds a little more exciting!)

There's a bellydancing class in Ocean Springs. 818-****, Myra Cox. (ummm yeah... no)

There will be free medical screenings held at the Coast Wide Health Fair on September 15 at Edgewater Mall, 9am-4pm. Dental, mammograms, cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar, flu shots, HIV/STD testing, and more will be available. There will also be a gospel performance. (Good, cause it looks like I am gonna need some prayer!)

*Disclaimer: To my big sisters - I joke! I joke! (although I really did find these things on the forum... just sayin')

Friday, September 07, 2007

Friday, Friday, Friday is my favorite day...

Great night...


snapped this photo of lightning

sitting on the couch snuggling with Sparky

sipping the best vanilla milkshake in the world

listening to the last bit of rain outside... so sad that it might be over for months now... :(

work ended well... very well. The offending person who pained me with a terse email apologized for said email. Turns out men get PMS, I guess. I take everything to heart. I think this person knows their email was plain wrong and wow... apology given, unasked. This person is my (rhymes with HOSS) and as many of you know, I am harder on myself than any rhymes with HOSS could be. Turns out the rhymes with HOSS was just having a bad day. He's green. He'll learn. I can forgive. Time to move on.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And when exactly will GLAAD be demanding their apology from the writers and actors of TV Show Will & Grace?

(CNN) -- Comedian Jerry Lewis on Tuesday apologized for using the word "fag" as he broadcast his annual Labor Day Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy.

"That something like this would distract from the true purpose of the telethon pains me deeply," Lewis said in a written statement.

"The success of the show and all the good that will come of it shouldn't be lost because of one unfortunate word. I accept responsibility for what I said. There are no excuses. I am sorry."

Earlier Tuesday, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation called on Lewis to apologize.
Giuliano said GLAAD was requesting a meeting with the comedian, who has done the Labor Day telethon for 42 years.

"We want to sit down with him, help him understand why these words are so hurtful, and give him an opportunity to raise public awareness about the destructive impact of these kinds of anti-gay slurs, even more so in attempted humor," he said in his statement.

**************** Just google GLAAD and WILL & Grace and you will find oodles and oodles of accolades about how much GLAAD loved Will & Grace!

Where is Alanis Morisette when you need her? *Cue music: Isn't It Ironic?

Monday, September 03, 2007

My Umbrella...ella...ella...

I bought this umbrella a few weeks ago (Old Navy! Can you believe it in all of it's toile goodiness?!) to keep the sun off my Irish skin. Ever since getting that heart shaped (at least there is some justice in the world) sunspot on the bridge of my nose, I have been using a good face sunscreen but I still needed more protection from the sun when I have duty at school. This umbrella is too cool for school but I do, in fact, use it at school because as everyone knows there is NO FREAKIN RAIN AROUND HERE to actually use it the way God intended the umbrella to be used.

Anywho... the point is - the umbrella protects me from the harsh rays of the sun.

This weekend, I was under the umbrella of my family. They kept me cool and calm, feeling loved and needed. I got to cook and clean a bit for Sweet Pea and I LOVE THAT. I love being there for her because when I was pregnant and thowing up 24/7 no one was there (SAVE SPARKY OF COURSE! and he was A DOLL!) to help me. I WANT to be there for her, to help her through this time - no one knows like I do what she is going through. We just don't do pregnancy well. But we are happy moms so all will be well.

And lastly, I want to send a thank you to my friend from work who was an umbrella of advice and protection tonight. Words of wisdom and assurance were greedily taken and used to soothe the sunburn I am feeling at work.

So there you have it... I am covered well by family and friends.

It's going to be a good day tomorrow.

Now if I could just remember where I put the umbrella after I took this photo.


Sunday, September 02, 2007

Are you serious????

THIS is the headline on the news... THE HEADLINE. Where they report the NEWS.

Number of U.S. Hunters Steadily Declines, Worrying State Wildlife Agencies

Chart shows number of hunters age 16 and older from 1996 to 2006; 1c x 3 inches; 46.5 mm x 76.2 mm
09-02-2007 1:53 PM
By DAVID CRARY, AP National Writer
(Associated Press) -- Hunters remain a powerful force in American society, as evidenced by the presidential candidates who routinely pay them homage, but their ranks are shrinking dramatically and wildlife agencies worry increasingly about the loss of sorely needed license-fee revenue.

New figures from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service show that the number of hunters 16 and older declined by 10 percent between 1996 and 2006 _ from 14 million to about 12.5 million. The drop was most acute in New England, the Rocky Mountains, and the Pacific states, which lost 400,000 hunters in that span.


I didn't copy the whole thing... but I gotta say it again... HEADLINE?!?!?!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Your Vocabulary Score: A-

Congratulations on your multifarious vocabulary!
You must be quite an erudite person.

Light at the end of the tunnel...

Sparky has been taking very good care of me in my stages of (fill in the emotion) over my present situation with the job. We did a little shopping today to take my mind off things. We stopped at the grocery store and you know I always, always, always see 3.5 students or co-workers when I go out and today was no exception. The wonderful thing was that there were two little ones that are a joy to teach and the little girl ran to me, nearly toppling me, to give me a hug. We talked for a few minutes, I said hello to her charming little brother and I introduced myself to the dad. She then reached up for one more hug. After our encounter, I turned to Sparky and mentioned that moments like that are the reason I put up with the politics in education.

It was ungodly hot but sometime after 3, the heavens opened up and a spot of a rainbow appeared and the rain poured. My daddy just coming by to say hi and tell me everything is going to be alright. He has a habit of doing that when I am not myself. I suppose someday I should explain what I mean by that but not tonight.

And what did I treat myself to today? I broke down and bought the Amy Winehouse CD. I joked to Sparky that I had contributed to a line of coke for her. He said not even enough so maybe a pack of matches? I bought a magazine and some books and Sparky found some collection of DVD's of the Muppet Show. He won a set from a radio show (BOB FM - how appropriate) and just stumbled on the other set today.

We had to run to Target and I mentioned that we should just look at the baby section since we haven't been in a baby section of a store in forever. We must have spent an hour ohhing and ahhhing over everything. Sparky found a diaper bag from Eddie Bauer so he is pretty sure that's gonna have to be his. I have one I bought already and Little L is picking one out. We figure we can carry everything the baby will need between the three of us! We found the crib/bassinet we want to purchase to keep at Mum Mum's house! (THAT'S ME!!!!) It's Winnie the Pooh, of course. And we saw oodles of little clothes but we are waiting until we find out if it's a girl or boy. Did you know that we literally bought our sofa with the baby in mind and that was over a year ago?! It's a beautiful sectional from Crate and Barrel that has a perfect corner for the baby and a place for me on one side and Sparky on the other. Then there is room, of course, for the parents and Auntie La La.

We are drinking tea and enjoying the candles flickering, each in our own corners of the sofa, each on our laptops. My eyes are heavy. Sweet Dreams...

these people

are going to bring my joy back this weekend...

heading to Phx. to see the sick and pregnant Sweet Pea. Yes, Darling, I will bring you a treat from Casa Sanchez.

Thanks for listening, Sparky. You always know when to listen and when to talk.

Little L - thanks for the laughs last night. I love that our 18 year old can guess the tunes on Daddy's ipod even though his musical tastes run from the 1800's to 1979. :-)

School will be there when I get back on Tues. I must live in the present.

“Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in, forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day, you shall begin it well and serenely...” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson