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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dimple on the Chin, Mischief Within...

A little old lady at the mall came up to us and uttered these words.

Whenever we take Andrew to the mall, people literally stop us in our tracks ALL THE TIME to comment on Andrew's beautiful eyes or his smile. His mother was the same way - she was just a BEAUTIFUL baby and people couldn't help but comment about her beautiful, big eyes.

The chin poem was the first time I ever heard that one and I thought it was an adorable saying...

So I found one of Sweet Pea's photos from Disney that shows that gorgeous chin!

Click to enlarge to really see!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lots O' Disney Photos

From Sweet Pea and Mr. Sweet Pea's visit to Disneyland last week to visit Lauren. Andrew loved the characters! Little L loved seeing Andrew! Sweet Pea, thanks for visiting your sister. I know it was a much needed and appreciated visit! xo

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Living on the Edge...

Cause that's how I roll....

I actually bought this to send to Little L in a care package -- cause nothing says I love ya, like a case of salmonella.....

I am not sure about this Great Peanut Butter Scare of '09. It seems that media needs a disease/sickness with which to scare the public and this is the best they could come up with, what with being busy with the coverage of the new president.

Come to think of it -- I think this whole peanut butter panic was the nutty (laugh with me!) idea of some republican! Oh yes, yes, I see the connection. Peanut butter - peanuts- Georgia - George W. was a republican - Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer democrat - we have a democrat in the office - thus...

Democrats = Peanuts

Peanuts = Scary!!!

Deduce: Democrats are scary!!!

Sure, it may seem like a cracked (hahaha) idea but I think it has some salt (I'm killing myself here! hahaha) to it.

Can salmonella go to your brain?

Maybe I shouldn't have eaten the king size Reese's afterall.

Monday, January 19, 2009


I have seen these two words used incorrectly so many times, that I often think about making a section on the side of my blog to prove how OFTEN these words are missused. But I always figure it will correct itself and I will see it less and less. Instead, I see it more and more!!!!!!! It drives me nuts. I cannot explain it but it does.

So from now on -- whenever I see it used wrongly, I will post it here. Imagine the millions of posts I have missed already but this will cleanse my anal mind each time I post it from now on.

I bring you...


The "Double Diet" I used to loose all my weight for good!
When I had my idea to combine these two methods, I needed to find a way to test it without spending a fortune on it. I wanted to find them cheap, and I ended up finding free trials for both products the Acai Berry Supplement and Colon Cleanser Supplement.
~ From

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sorry, Ray.

Little L just had her first celebrity encounter at Disneyland! They happen fairly often. I mean think about it, celebrities live in LA.

Anyway, she just texted us that RAY ROMANO was just at her window -- and she messed up his order!!!!!! She gave him two drinks instead of four. She said she just gave him the other drinks for free. HAHAHAHAHA.

We love, love, love to watch reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond so she knew who he was.

Sorry, Ray. Just because she messed up your order doesn't mean she doesn't love you! She's just starstuck!!!

To quote: "I was a wee bit distracted by his star status! Give me a break!"

We asked if Ray Romano was nice about it?

Her reply: "Yeah, LOL, he said, no big deal!"

Yesterday, she said one of Miley Cyrus's backup dancers was at the window but she didn't know who it was at the time.

I think the magic is being sprinkled on Little L in a wonderful way!!! Now if Johhny Depp shows up at her window ... I'll be on the first plane out there!!!!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Almost Famous

Sweet Pea's brother in law tried out for American Idol in Phx. He has a fabulous voice but is WAY too normal. He didn't make it but here is a photo of him in line. Mike is the one on the left.

Look to the left of him. If you watched American Idol the first night, you saw the dude with the striped shirt on the show! Mike said he stood in line with him for quite awhile.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dear Abby...

Little L called me at work this am....

Little L: Mom, what kind of ketchup should I buy?

(perfectly valid question)

Me: Always buy Heinz. You cannot buy the store brand when it comes to ketchup.

Little L: Ok, what about syrup?

Me: You still need a name brand but can get whatever one is one sale.

Little L: Which inserts should I buy for my shoes?

Me: blah, blah, blah....

Then she called her Daddy for advice on doing the laundry.

I am so proud of her and happy that she calls for advice!

My sweet sister wrote her a lovely letter, giving fantastic advice about being on your own for the first time.

What advice would YOU give to her, first time on her own?! Hmmm?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photos from Little L

Lauren with her BOSS and her roommates!! :-)
(Little L is the one with the pink and black jacket and the sunglasses on her head - the cute one!!!) :-)

Lauren goes shopping at the park on her day off and comes home with a few new goodies!!!

Enjoying a day off from work AT work?! Haha....

Little L seems to be settling into life in Disneyland rather well! The adrenaline has worn off and reality has set in and she is still smiling. No - she is GLOWING!!!! I was so excited to see these photos. She is enjoying her job and today was her first day off. Her roommates (in the photos) are wonderful and they have bonded very well.

Today, they had an apt. inspection by Disney and they passed. Little L has a High School Musical obsession and her room SHOWS it with all of her posters, etc. The lady doing the inspection was talking to Little L's roommate (Little L wasn't there for the inspection) and the Disney employee mentioned that Little L must really love HSM!!! Her roommate said, "OH yes, she really does!" Well, the Disney employee asked for Little L's name and told her that the stars are at Disney often and she will arrange for her to meet them!!!!!!! WHAT?!?!?!??! Little L is on CLOUD 9999999999!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine meeting the star(s) you idolize most?!?! I am so happy for her. Disney is just truly magic for her! It's a real dream come true!!!!

She already seems to have grown up so much in just one week! I know she is looking forward to her sister, brother-in-law, and nephew coming to visit her this coming week. I will post photos when I get them!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I miss you already, Little L...

I Woke up got my lazy ass out of bed
I Watered all the rocks growing in my head
I Had a thought...and fell asleep on you...

There I was somewhere West of Tomorrow Land
Flying through the stars just like Peter Pan
I said...Damn this looks too good to be true...

There she goes... my heart again (would you mind rolling over)
I can feel it in the air (something's coming down)
I don't know and I don't care that it's a small world

It's a nice day if you wake up in Disneyland...
It's a nice day when you wake up in Disneyland...

In my dream everybody's got a little house
A dog, a bank account managed by Mickey Mouse
And the only thing we fight about is the Lakers...

In my dream all the pirates down in Neverland
Never get the Hook... they just get a hand
While the crocs sing Superman till we just can't take it...

There she goes... my heart again (do you mind rolling over)
I can feel it in the air (something's coming down)
I don't know and I don't care if it's a small world

It's a nice day when you wake up in Disneyland...
It's a nice day if you wake up in Disneyland...

We can fly away...

I Woke up got my lazy ass out of bed
I Watered all the rocks growing in my head
I Had a thought... and I looked up to see

The sign read the park she's closed today
E-tickets don't work here no more anyway
Where every day's a magic day to be free You see...

It's a nice day when you wake up in Disneyland...
It's a nice day should you wake up in Disneyland...
It's your L.U.C.K.Y. day should you wake up in Disneyland...
It's a nice day should you wake up in Disneyland...

Monday, January 05, 2009

Little L - sister, aunt, daughter, friend...

SO I am sitting in the dark, in a hotel room across from Disneyland. I should be at work. But I am here. I took 3 days of personal time because my littlest bird is flying the coop.

Little L mentioned last night that she was surprised that I didn't write about it. I explained that I didn't want to upset her. I have always been most protective of her, she is the youngest after all.

But it's early and I am awake so if she wants to know what I would write, I will write...

I cannot believe the moment is here. I have tried not to think about it because I am a complete mess. I don't like being a complete mess. I like being in control of my emotions which is pretty funny because I don't think I am ever in control of my emotions when it comes to my family. But I am really good at not thinking about something I have to face... and this is by far the hardest thing I have to face right now. How incredibly blessed am I that THIS is the hardest thing for me to face?

I'm rambling... it's avoidance... rambling will not remind me of the way she makes me laugh. No... I mean LAUGH. She is sooo funny. Not that she tells jokes -- she just sees things in a humorous way and then will comment on it. Her view of life and her DELIVERY is what makes me fall down laughing every single day!

She is compassionate and highly forgiving. It's been really hard lately due to my menopausal moments and her "not still a girl/not yet a woman" growth spurts and yet SHE is the one who will apologize and give me a hug which melts my heart completely.

Little L is ready to embark on a great adventure. She is here for a months but I have told her -- HOME IS HOME and being 19 is all about finding yourself. Enjoy -- like it or don't like it. But she can ALWAYS come home. ALWAYS. And in fact, the only reason I am not a blubbering mess is because I just pretend that she will be coming home this fall and everything will be back to the way it was before this crazy Disney Co. offered her in an internship and stole her away from the nest. :-)

My heart cannot hold all of the love and pride I feel for her. She has been, and continues to be, the one who tries the hardest, sees the best in situations, and loves unconditionally. She is the friend that I love and fight with, that I shop and gossip with, that I plan and scheme with. She is the daughter that makes me see the good in people and situations when I am in a hormonal rage, the daughter who asks, "Can I get you anything, Mama?", the girl who uses humor to bring me out of a foul mood.

The fact that she is about to embark on this great journey is scary and exciting for both of us. She already has made friends with a roommate, a guardian angel if you ask me. She is packed and ready, paperwork filled out, clothes bought. During the day, we are excited, at night we are scared. More rambling...

Little L --

I love you more than life itself. I am so proud of you. I think you are going to be just fine. Just know that I am here for you ANYTIME - a phone call, an email, webcam, car ride, or airplane.

Remember that you are STRONGER THAN YOU THINK... and while I am at it... I'm going to remind myself of that when I hug you and say "see you soon!" tomorrow when I dtop you off...

I love you, Little L... I hope you know how much.

Love and Kisses,