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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Year Ago Today...

I was sewing a horseshoe into Sweet Pea's weddding dress... (Irish tradition)

I watched my youngest daughter blossom into a beautiful young woman, full of serenity and providing love and support as her sister's maid of honor...

I saw my handsome husband in a tux again for the first time in 26 years (not since our wedding)...

I watched my new son-in-law lovingly wipe a tear away from his bride's eye as she spoke her vows...

I witnessed their first kiss as husband and wife...

I saw Sweet Pea and Mr. Sweet Pea enjoy their first dance as husband and wife...

I stood in awe as Sweet Pea and her daddy shared the father/daugher dance...

I ate wedding cake for dessert...

I drank too much champagne...

Way too much champagne...

I enjoyed time with my in-laws...

I welcomed my new son into our family...

I said good-bye to my baby girl on her way to her honeymoon in Paris, France...


I have this little poem posted at my desk at work. I have needed it this week. Very much. I still need it.
Thank you, Mr. Emerson...

"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense."
Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Monday, February 26, 2007

Parents - or why I hate my job sometimes.

So I had this meeting today (the first day on our finally completed campus) with a parent who is certifiably whacko and it was so hard to sit there and not move my neck. (My friend and co-worker, the Art teacher reminded me to stay "white" in the meeting)

No good can come from a woman who marries someone shorter than she is. Actually, the dad was logical, reasonabably reasonable. But the mom - wow - what a freaking nut job. When she finished saying what she wanted to say to me (and double talking and back tracking, and generally hanging herself) I started to respond but my principal did the honors. He was brilliant. He defended me and stood up for my character. I have never seen him with parents so it was new to me. This is his first year and our district is very PRO parent to the point where the teachers are second, at best. But he honestly defended me in a very professional way. I need to thank him for that.

The classroom teacher spoke in my defense as well but then the mom turned on her. She now wants the teacher to write "little side notes to explain the homework" (this is third grade, people) so that the mom and daughter don't fight about it because the mom says "my daughter manipulates me!" Ok...... so that was my first day on campus.

Making memories... updating the old resume... remembering that some kids are the way they are because the apple surely does NOT fall far from the tree.

Friday, February 23, 2007


Yesterday, Little L and I went to the Rodeo Parade. It's been our tradition for 14 years. We commented, walking toward the parade route, how this was our first time going alone - just the two of us. Usually Sparky accompanies us or it's the four of us (Sweet Pea). Last year, it was Sparky, Little L, Sparky's parents and uncle from Pennsylvania, and me. As we were walking I mentioned how I don't know why I bother to own a camera because I always forget to take it with me to things I want to photograph. I discussed with Little L how we should have the camera so we could take pictures of us at the parade since this was the first time in 14 years that only 2 of us went!

As the parade went on, I kept leaning over to Little L and telling her "that would make a great pic!" over and over. At one point, the tiniest little girl we had ever seen on horseback in the parade came riding by. She had the face of an angel with little ringlets of golden blonde hair cascading down her back. I told Lauren I LOVED her pink cowboy hat and I so wished I had my camera to capture this little cowgirl in a picture!

Little L remarked once more on her smallness and I explained that she was probably riding a horse before she could walk or talk. We discussed how much control she had over this huge, powerful animal. Although she was tiny, she was riding perfectly and her horse seemed aware as well that he was carrying a true princess. He walked slowly and gently, not chomping at the bit or jerking wildly on the harness as some of the other horses had been doing. There was a sereness as they passed us. We watched them until the sun began to sting our eyes, turning our head back to the rest of the parade.

A large horse pulled wagon followed. There were colorful mexican blankets and girls dressed in beautiful dresses that flared and swirled.

About ten minutes later, the parade stood still. There was a large gap in front of us and we waited for about 20 minutes. During theis time, a marshall on horseback came charging down the opposite direction of the parade. People were crossing back and forth in front to the marshall. One couple even had a baby stroller and walked right in front of the marshall and his horse as they were running! I remarked to Little L how I get so depressed that people have no common sense. WHY would you think that would be ok? The marshall was obviously in a big hurry! He had to slow down twice for people with no awareness that a large animal was bearing down on them.

This all played into my depression this week of the lack of parenting, the lack of manners that I see daily as a teacher. It's the reason I haven't posted in so long. I've been trying to deal with a parent at work and events that occurred in my room at the open house on Wednesday night. Children rushing into the new classroom, crawling under tables, sitting at my desk, opening drawers, taking small boxes on my desk and opening them, walking into the office that was closed and dark and so clearly not meant for anyone to enter. My dinner was in there, along with another teacher's dinner, and these students were OPENING the food styrofoam containers! They were touching my purse! UNREAL! They were there to visit the classroom and they acted like they were at Chuck E. Cheese. I had to remind them of their manners in front of their parents! It was pathetic and I was completely disgusted by the time I left my room that night at 8:00 p.m.

So with this little black cloud hanging over my head, I spoke to Sparky about how lack of parenting feels like it's everywhere to me since I see so many children at a time. I asked him to picture our daughters behaving that way as children! It never, ever would have occured to our daughters to walk in and run around the classroom and behave like monkeys, touching everything, opening things, going into rooms with closed doors and lights shut off. I mentioned that these kids are in serious danger of hurting themselves. If they have this lack of respect for property and people, they are going to feel indesctructive and get into places where they can be seriously hurt.

Which leads us back to the parade. Not ten minutes after seeing Brielle Boisvert on her horse, a tragic accident occured. They are still investigating but it appears the wagon's horse behind her were spooked and began racing out of control. They ran into little Brielle's horse, causing it to rear. She fell off and the wagon then rolled over her tiny body. She was pronounced dead about 30 minutes later.

Although we knew something had occurred during the parade, due to the police presence and marhsalls flying down the route, we had no idea a tragedy of this magnitude had happened. We learned about it on the local news last night.

Having written all of this, you probably thing I am blaming the parents. I know there were rules about parade participants and ages. I also know that had she been 8 years old (the minimum age required to ride a horse in the parade) instead of 5 - this tragedy STILL would have occurred. She could have been 58 and it would have happened. A horse was spooked. It was attached to a wagon. It ran into her horse and the horse reared. Her age had nothing to do with it except that she probably shouldn't have been riding on the horse in the parade.

I think I am mad at the injustice. The fates. Here was a little girl just doing what she has been doing for years, her mother walking along side of her. Here was a talented, sweet, mannered little girl who was taken away from the world.

This little girl was in total control of her horse. She was a Little Miss for Sonoita, and it is the reason she was in the parade. Seems kind of odd to me that they have these age rules and then want the Little Rodeo Princesses in the parade. I've never seen a Little Miss Rodeo walk in the parade, they are always on horse back or on a wagon.

Anyway, I'm not writing to place blame on anyone. I am writing because I need to process how a little girl with a wonderful family (look at their website: is no longer here because of this tragedy. She was so talented! She was so precious. And no one on the news comments seems to be focused on the fact that we, as a world, will never know what we are missing from Brielle not having the chance to grow up.

My heart goes out to the mother. My love and prayers for the entire family. May you rest in peace, Little Miss - Rodeo Angel.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

On the bandwagon

I do apologize for not having time to post lately but I've been busy filing papers in court to prove I am the real father of Anna Nicole's baby.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

One of these things is not like the other...

US Astronaut Charged in Attempted Murder

Astronaut Sets Women's Spacewalk Record

Monday, February 05, 2007

Proud 1st grader

Me: Today we are going to learn about groundhogs. (Blah,blah, blah...)

Me: (After lesson) Do groundhogs eat plants or animals?

First grader: (Raises hand) Plants!

Me: Yes, that is right.

First grader: (Just above a whisper) Damn! I'm good!

Me: Teacher look.

First grader: I mean, Dang it. I am good!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

My Money and My Kid Go To...

Last night, while sitting around doing our habitual Saturday night ritual of eating, watching tv, and reading on-line, Sparky and were just enjoying the first skit on Saturday Night Live when Little L burst our of her room screaming, "OH MY GOD, MOM!" My heart did a flip flop and my body reacted with a quick jerk to the left as my body was moving out of the seat to meet her in the hall to see what was wrong.

Tears were pouring down her face and her voice was shaking: "I got in! I got in!" I am thinking of a computer game that she might have found clues to solve or something, and was ready to scream at her for scaring us to death - but I was not prepared for what she said next.

"I've been accepted to SDSU!!!!" I am not sure how many emotions I felt all at once but I do remember being scared, happy, excited, sad, proud, worried, and shocked. We hugged, we ran to her room to look at the acceptance letter sitting in her email inbox. We talked about how we had come to the bridge I said not to worry about until we have to cross it.

And then I announced that I had to go to sleep. I just couldn't deal with all those emotions. I had to sleep to escape. MY BABY GIRL is leaving the nest. I told her to call her Sissy and they talked and talked and Sweet Pea cried and started giving her great advice on her step into the world.

I slept fairly well. I woke up with a sore neck and back from where I jerked around. Sparky was already up and we started talking madly. We will register for intent to attend today and begin the process of sending them lots o' money. We need to get her driving more so she can her license. We will start looking for things she will need in the dorm. We will blah, blah, blah... And then we sat on the edge of the tub and cried in each other's arms.

We are so very, very proud of her. (Stats for SDSU: 45% accepted, 5% from out of state applicants get accepted) We cried because we worry for her safety and happiness. We cry because we will miss her - no one makes us laugh daily like she does. She set a goal and she met it. She has wanted to go there since she was in the 8th grade.

I had a class to teach this morning and I took Little L with me to browse at the bookstore while I was teaching. She found lots of books on being a freshman - words of wisdom such as get a fake I.D. because your friends will want to go to bars (???) and she learned a new word: Sexiled - that is when you walk in on your college roommate having sex with someone and you are asked to leave for the night.

Needless to say, I am going to take her to a different section of the bookstore next time. We talked about those things and I felt pretty good that Sparky and I had done a decent job on preparing her for life. I asked her what else she learned. She said that two books gave differing opinions on how to say good-bye to your family when you go off to college. One book said not to rush, to just give the parents time to say good-bye. The other book said to treat it like a band aid and just say good-bye quickly.

I turned to her and asked her if she thought we needed a book to teach us how to say good-bye. We both agreed that we don't need that lesson. Because it's not good-bye. It's just Soaring Over California.

I love you, my Little L.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Brought to you by the Letter M must give an answer that begins with the first letter of your name! Go with your first thought, the first thing that pops into your head! (Remember, these are not necessarily things you like!)

1. Famous athlete: Michael Jordan
2. Four letter word Moon
3. Street name: Maple
4. Color: Mauve
5. Gift: M & M’s
6: Vehicle: Mazda
7. Tropical location: Miami (? Is that tropical enough?)
8. College Major: Marine Biology
9. Dairy Product: Milk
10. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Maps
11. Boy Name: Michael
12. Girl Name: Melissa
13. Movie Title: Moby Dick
14. Alcohol: Martini
15. Occupation: Model
16. Flower Marigold
17. Celebrity: Marlo Thomas
18. Magazine: Martha Stewart’s Home Living
19. US City: Memphis
20. Sports team: Minnesota Vikings
21. Something found in a kitchen: Milk
22. Reason for being late: Mustard spilled on clothes
23. Something You Throw Away: Mail
24. Things You Shout: Mother Fu – no wait, I really don’t think that is the first thing that should pop into my mind for the letter M!!!! How about: Make me!
25. Cartoon Character: Mighty Mouse

I told you!

It has taken me a week to figure out how to get back here and I didn't actually figure it out, Sparky did.


Now I am too exahusted to post.