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Monday, October 30, 2006


does Old Navy always smell funky?

Just asking.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Ahh Haaa Moment...

So my people hating rant had a little to do with the not quite 103 degree temperature I was carting around my body on the drive home. I plopped on the sofa, snuggled under 3 blankets, sweats and a sweater and moaned all night long. My fever broke but I still feel like I was hit by a truck. Welcome to Fluville. Mayor Sparky is taking really good care of me as is Deputy Mayor Little Lottie. See ya after I check out of my fuzzy robe.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I hate people.

I have absolutely had it with driving. I am the ONLY person left in the world who actually leaves a safe traveling distance between me and the car in front of me. And some schmuck always tries to squuuueeeeezzzzzeeeee into the space on the highway or at a light so that I have to slam on the brakes. THE ONLY REASON I have NOT had an accident is BECAUSE I keep that safe driving distance. I am sick of people who feel the need to cut you off, to be FIRST in the line on the road, etc. I am moving to Montana.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Don't be calling Nancy Grace...

I'm here... just busy, busy, busy.

So lemme see.

Nutshell version since last post:

(Like I could possibly remember everything I've done since my last post)

I went to a two day writing conference. It was awesome. She said her goal was to nudge and affirm. I loved it. I was affirmed, apparently I DO know how to teach writing. I was also nudged to add more to my tool bag. Good stuff. I LOVE conferences. I am one of those crazy people that sit in the front and write notes like mad and nod my head in approval. Yeah, I always seem to have the seats on either side of me empty. :) But I actually had someone sit next to me and we did have group stuff to do (I don't like group activities though) and the two young girls in my row invited me to lunch with them. Taco Hell and then I sat and listened while one girl went on and on about how knowlegeable she is at teaching (it's her second year) and the other sat on her cell phone talking to who knows who. When they invited me the second day, I graciously declined. I ran to Los Betos and ordered some rice and a cheese quesadilla and read trash magazines in silence for one hour. GLORIOUS!

While there, I stayed with Sweet Pea. We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and we forgot to tell them to place the honey bread in a seperate basket from my baguette and thus, the deadly allergic reaction. It was a good one too! Thought we would have to go to the hospital for this one. Hives, swelling, so much histamine going to attack in my system. But Sweet Pea has seen me have these reactions and knows how to calm me down. We got my medicine and all was well.

The second night I was there we were to Pei Wei. Pei Wei is of the devil. IT IS SOOOOO YUMMY!!!! It's got to be the freshest tasting chinese food I have ever had. AND - I sometimes get reactions from the MSG but they don't use it and no other preservatives so I am able to eat it. It was just wonderful to sit and eat with Sweet Pea and the man who stole her from me (otherwise known as her husband). They tried to get me to watch LOST - but I was... well, LOST in a major way. It required too much prior knowledge (I have never seen the show before) and too much keeping track (I drink so much diet soda I have no memory cells left - yeah, that's the reason) and so I couldn't keep up but I DID try!

I cannot tell you how much fun I had with Sweet Pea and TMWSMSP (the man who stole my sweet pea) but it gets harder and harder to leave Sparky. I just miss him too much. We both cannot sleep alone and I just ache for him. After 28 years, I am pretty sure that is just wrong. Oh well.... he is my sweet man and it could be worse. I could WANT to be get away from him. He better not die before me cause I will be forced to either stuff his body and buy one of those large body pillowcases to cover his dead self or I will have to buy a very large dog. I don't want to even think about it.

Did I ever tell you that Little Lottie applied for a grant and GOT IT?! All $500.00 that she asked for!!! I AM so proud of her. She had to make a presentation and answer questions and she was, like, grown up! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!???? Anyways, way to go darling, I love you so much! YOU have the drive and passion to make your dreams come true!

So back to school this morning - back to I didn't plan a menu for tonight or the week (and that is what I SHOULD be doing instead of the blogging!!!) so Sparky is stopping at Pei Wei. Yes, we have one in Tucson. Yes, chinese is going to be on the menu a lot more now.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

fo' shizzle


U.N. smackdown on N. Korea

It's good to know that CNN is keeping current with the language of our culture.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Theme A Day Week...

So this week, Little Lottie went back to high school and I got to stay home for another week. I AM LOVING THIS SCHOOL CALENDAR! Don't get me wrong - luuuuvvvv my time with Little Lottie. WE went to Disneyland, we went to Phx. to swim and visit with Sweet Pea and shop. But a I SO need this! Now if I could just stop reading the news. It's soooo depressing. I feel like death is always chasing me and I try to rationalize, as I am falling asleep, that I have no control over it to make myself feel like I have some control over it, because afterall, that lack of control over it is what upsets me the most. I mean, if little Amish girls are not safe in their one room schoolhouse, NO ONE IS. And then to see the eerie pictures of it being razed today in the pre dawn hours. It's just so heartbreaking. I can't stop thinking of those little ones.

So you can see where I am mentally and it's hard because you have to get up each day and live and be happy knowing that any crazed lunatic can change your life in a moment, even though you are living a good and wholesome life. So I am trying hard to love more and appreciate more the people in my life.

So back to theme week.

Monday was just a "Putter Day" - this is where I have the tv blaring Paula Deen's Home Cooking and the Barefoot Contessa in the background and I walk around the house finding little things to take care of. That was my whole day. I may or may not have made dinner, I really cannot remember.

Tuesday was "White Trash Day" - no offense to anyone who normally does these things on a daily basis but white trash day was me eating a big mac, fries, and a diet coke and then taking myself to the local indian casino. I played with my $10.00 investment in fun for about 3 hours. I just couldn't lose. Of course, you get cocky at the end and I eventually lost the $10.00 but what fun! (Except for the lung cancer from the smoke, geesh!) I came home and showered to get the smoke off of me and made a lovely dinner. Brown sugar meatloaf and homemade mac and cheeese and green beans. It was yummy.

Wednesday was "All About Me" - I went to drop the car off for it's oil change and 12 point inspection (sounds painful) and then walked to my favorite spa which just happens to be across the street from the car dealer! I had the MOST DIVINE FACIAL EVER. If you go to Gadabout in Tucson, ask for Alexis cause she is wonderful! It was soooo relaxing and my skin is as smooth as silk. But it does make a mess of your hair. So they give you a complimentary shampoo but NOT the blowdry. okkkkkk... so I say well I will pay for the blowdry cause hello.... so the girl who was taking care of me asked how I styled my hair. I explained that 2 weeks ago I made a dreadful mistake and listened to someone tell me HOW GREAT THEIR STYLIST is and paid $160.00 for highlights, color, and cut. (I know!!!! GOOD GRIEF!!!) and that ever since this haircut, I cannot style it properly. She proceeded to explain that I had a "typical beauty school haircut" and she would fix it for me. She fixed it (for $32.00) and now I have a really bad, short $192.00 haircut. Do I know how to invest in my hair or what?! The thing is... I am a hair is my mane. I don't like when my mane is trimmed too short. But I am older now. I am not going to cry. My hair grows fast and just in time for summer, it will be looking like Marlo Thomas on That Girl once again. I will take a picture of said hair and threaten legal action to anyone who cuts it wrong. :)

So back to all about me day - I got to do a little shopping too. I then met Little Lottie at school as she has written a grant proposal and had to present it. I will write more about that later because it deserves its own post!

So today is Thursday. I have not named the day yet. I thought about "Lazy Day" - that would be were I see how long I can go just sitting with the remote on the couch. Not sure if that works for me. I just read about this: Targasm: Tingly sensation shoppers get when they find something really, really good at Target. Maybe that will be my goal today!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I think I need a break from news and blogs...

SO I am here on the computer while the dishwasher is being installed and I read a post at a popular "mommy blog" about her son doing something wrong at school. It involves "destroying another student's property and writing the word sucks" but she is sure that "other circumstances" contributed to his decision to do this. ?????? Personal responsibility, people, PLEASE!

Then people (other mothers of boys) write comments to say things like : my little baby got in trouble at daycare but he was only 6 and sleeping like and angel when I got there so it was ok. (

Another comment was this: "I am constantly trying to please everyone" (by discipling her son and making him responsible for his actions) "and I end up wearing myself out so I am giving up that part of my personality" youhavefreakinggottobekiddingme!!!!!!!

And the last was the best comment: "I have the home phone number of the Dean of Students at Gameboy's brand new high school. He too did something stupid, should've asked for help first; but took responsibility for his actions and truly feels sorry for what he did.
I listened to his side of the story, spoke with the Dean, and decided that this was just another growing pain and no punishment was necessary. He felt bad enough, and had learned a valuable lesson all on his own.
This parenting thing is tough. Who knew?

Of course this was timed nicely to go right with all of the other turmoil in our lives - so I have to believe that stress did affect the situation."


Yes! That's it! It was the stress at home that made him do it! And he is sorry so it's ALL OK! And parenting is hard so I need to take the easy way out and not give a consequence for his actions cause he is SORRY! and he learned his lesson!

DID I NOT JUST POST ABOUT THIS KIND OF THING?! You bet your ass parenting is hard. And it's HARDER when you get a call from the police because your son just went crazy and murdered young girls and NO ONE EXPECTED IT cause he was such a good dad! And a good neighbor! and a good worker! and this is soooo unexpected!

WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!! Six or sixteen. TREAT others the way you want to be treated. WHEN you are cruel, unkind, destructive, or disrepectful to another person, take the responsibility and realize there WILL BE a consequence for your actions. You cannot have the luxury of choosing your consequences but you can CHOOSE your actions. TEACH YOUR CHILDREN that THEY HAVE THE POWER to be proactive, not reactive. Teach your children that there ARE sucky people in the world but you don't have to stoop to their level. TEACH THEM that they can choose how they react to ANY situation!!!


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Full Moon Rain

How odd to have an incredible lightning and thunder storm with rain in October! I had to try out the new camera with the lightning. There weren't a lot of bolts so I only caught these.

I also uploaded some Disney photos on flick'r on your left! Click to see them.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

more lunacy...

Not the same old song and dance

Bucks County Courier Times
If you want a job at the Philadelphia Park Casino, you'd better bring your dancing shoes.

Job applicants said they're being asked to dance to “YMCA” or a Bon Jovi song — with blow-up guitar — during interviews at the Bucks County Visitors and Conference Bureau in Bensalem.

A casino official said Tuesday the park is pleased with the response to its unorthodox hiring method, but some prospective hires say the process is unfair.

“I walked out,” Mary Lou Bentivegna of Bensalem said Tuesday. “There were others who were walking out. I had my head set to go in there to talk about accounting.”

Bentivegna, 60, said she went Monday evening to what she thought was an interview for an accounting position. A few dozen people were already waiting.

“The 4 p.m. people came out; they were laughing and stuff,” Bentivegna said. “I didn't think anything of it.”

That changed, Bentivegna said, once the applicants learned they'd have to dance to “YMCA” or air guitar to Bon Jovi's “Living on a Prayer.”

Bentivegna said there were many senior citizens in the crowd, along with one man who had a prosthetic leg. She said she doubted they had ever heard of the songs they were supposed to perform.

“I was really upset,” she said. “I was talking about going to [work at] the casino for years. I've always had this thought that I wanted to work there.”

James Ryan, a spokesman for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Washington, D.C., office, said he couldn't say whether the auditions were improper.

“That's the most interesting case I've ever heard of,” he said. “What about people who are older or have a disability?”

Bentivegna said the interviewer told the job applicants the casino was looking for “people people” who had some personality.

In response to further questions, Wheeler said in an e-mail: “Senior citizens and those with disabilities are applying and participating in the audition process by showing their enthusiasm as best they can, just as the other candidates are.”

More than 6,000 people have applied for 700 jobs at the casino. Those positions range from cashiers to buffet servers to marketing. The park continues to accept applications at the visitors center on Street Road next to the racetrack or online at Casino officials hope to open in December but first need state approval.


Yeah. This reminds me of an interview I had once at Pima Community College here in Tucson. I was applying for a position in teacher education. The job description was basically teaching education classes, supervising students on assignment in the schools, keeping a database of students both in the school and graduated, etc. etc.

I walked into the interview with 9 other people. We all sat around a large conference table. Three people were on the other side of us. They started out by asking us to give a 2 minute talk about ourselves. We sat there for 20 minutes while everyone talked about themselves. They used a timer. Freaks. What a weird waste of my time. So after listening to the various people speak (I know the interviewers needed their info but I certainly did not!) we were then broken up into two "teams" and given crap to build something. We would get "points" based on our crappity crap thing we designed. Points were given for most creative and the one that was most structurally sound and tallest. (Was I at Raytheon, interviewing to be an engineer? NO!)

We were given straws, marshmallows, markers, and some paper clips. What a bunch of bull. Someone on the interview committee must have just attended some new age interviewing concepts conference and needed to justify their hotel and food bill for three nights in Vegas at this Human Resources "Conference" - but I'm not bitter.

SO anyway, my team lost (ok, maybe I AM bitter) and we didn't get the points. Fine. Then we had another team building, stupid, creepy test of some sort that I seem to have completely blocked out because, to be honest, at this point I was seriously thinking of leaving the room to make a statement. No wonder people don't take teachers seriously as professionals.

At the end of the interview, they asked us what we thought of the interview. EACH OF US had 2 minutes again (I wanted to take their timer and shove it into their database) and once again, most everyone was all "Oh, it was so creative!" and "How clever" and "It was fun! Wheee!!"

I said: WHAT A FREAKING WASTE OF MY TIME, PEOPLES!!! (on the inside)

On the outside I said, "I can see why you may have done this. Perhaps you wanted to see who could work together as a team or maybe you wanted to see who could make do in a stressful situation. I would much rather have talked about my experience as an educator and my education and how it qualifies me for this position. I would much rather you had asked me to, on the spot, create a lesson plan using one of the big five reading strategies, teach it to you, and assess the learning that took place. I would rather you had asked me why I am qualified to teach classes and supervise student teachers."

It was kinda quiet. We all sat staring at each other until the timer went off. My time was up. The next lady did pretty much the same thing - and thus ended the freaky interview. OBVIOUSLY I didn't get the job. But I don't think it had anything to do with my sour attitude during the interview, or my response to their final question.

I think it had to do with the fact that our structure of marshmallows, straws, and paper clips spelled out "BITE ME."

Friday, October 06, 2006

No answers...

The Amish Tragedy has been heavily on my mind, as it has been on our country's mind. Why? How? Why?

If you've never been to Amish Country, you cannot phathom the peacefulness (intertwined with the ever growing and spreading commercialism) that exists there. When we were visiting last year, I stopped the car at a one room school house. Being a teacher, I wanted a picture of the school. It's odd though because I completely felt like I was intruding just by sitting there in the car to take a picture of the building. I don't take pictures of the Amish out of respect but I love to photograph the buildings, the quilts flapping in the breeze, the cows in the field, the horses clippity-clopping by - pulling the carriages.

Why our daughters? What is happening in this world? Why the obsession with killing our little girls?

Women, what are we going to do? I could be wrong but I am pretty sure that these murders (and sexual molestations or attempts at that) are happening with deranged men, not women. Are we, as mothers, not raising boys to love and respect women? Is it the media? Repressed sexuality and then aggressive campaigning by the media and corporations to sexualize everything? WHAT is causing this?

Do we need to arm every mother in America? It's all crazy talk, I realize. I know that the Amish are not going to bear arms and thus, this would have happened either way. Is out country too big? Too out of control? When is enough is enough? Where are we safe? And again, WHY OUR DAUGHTERS!??? Wake up, Moms. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!

Just Back... So. Tired.

Snow White!
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Monday, October 02, 2006

Coming out of the closet...

So I guess the three people who read this blog know that Sparky and I are (choking this out) former officers of The Salvation Army. I have been reading about a resignation of a top official and his wife (D.C.'s) because of a problem they had with their boss (T.C.) who is now the General (TOP BRASS) of the Salvation Army. I won't mention names but wow... reading the resignation letter was incredible. Over 30 years of service and they are resigning because they were verbally assaulted and basically blacklisted. Nahhh, the S.A. wouldn't do that! I have to keep this short cause I have life happening here but wow... I cannot tell you how this feels. I guess the blacklisting, the verbal assualts, I thought they only happened to the "little people" like us! To think that what I thought was petty all these years, happens in the upper ranks? Unbelievable.

In short - ours began the minute I stepped onto the grounds of S.F.O.T. (School for Officer's Training) knowing that my father lie dying in a nursing home. He had lung cancer. The S.A. was aware of that and assured me that I could get home to see him. I blindly believed them. I entered the school in Sept. '86 and left my father alone, dying. I left my mother alone to deal with it. I hate myself to this day for that. We had no transportation from N.Y.C. to Reading, Pa. We had no money. (You give up just about everything when you enter and PAY them for the honor of being isolated from the real world.)

Anyway - I know there are two sides to the story but here is my side. When Dad was dying, the nursing home called me in Dec.'86 and said to get home. We were able to borrow a friend's car and go. Dad rallied and we came back after 2 days. But we were told that we were going to have to make up the time somehow because it was KETTLES SEASON and we had MISSED 2 DAYS and it was UNFAIR to the other cadets (students) who had to stand kettles while I was off watching my father die.

Yeah. Unbelievable. So I get a call again in April '87. My dad is in a coma, come home. He will not make it through the night. Worried about the consequences of having to leave the school, I found myself asking my mom, "Are you sure he is going to die because I will be in big trouble if I leave for 3 days and he doesn't!" Oh yes, I was SO freaking brainwashed!!!!

Some people at the college (very high officials who are now in VERY high places, BOY COULD WE NAME NAMES!!) told me I couldn't go. I was in tears. You have to understand, we had no phones so the officers at the school KNEW it was the nursing home calling me! We had to get the call from a very high officer's office! And they looked at me and said, you cannot go.

My husband said, "We are going!" The officer said, well then you will have to pay the price. (I AM NOT KIDDING YOU ABOUT THIS!) My husband said, "Well tell me what the punishment is now because we are going!"

My sweet, meek husband - he stood up to this assanine leader because HE KNEW IT WAS RIGHT! They would again not let us rent a car so we borrowed from the friend again. WE got there on Friday night. (4 hours after the call) Dad was in a coma and I couldn't talk to him but I got to be there with my mom. Daddy died that night at 9:15 p.m. After crying, Sparky knew he had to call the school right away and let them know what happened. Their first words were, "When will you be back?" Um, can we get through the funeral please?

We held a memorial service on Sunday at the corps (church) and we got a call that afternoon - WHEN WILL YOU BE BACK? AS Sparky explained again, we needed to actually BURY my father and then we would be back on Monday night.

I buried my father on Monday morning. By Monday night I was back at the school. On Tuesday morning, I was taking an Old Testament mid-term exam. Gotta love the compassion of the Army.

That was only the beginning. I have stories no one would believe. The heartache both Sparky and I endured is so painful, we have tried to block it out. My skin is crawling just thinking of these experiences. WE have tried hard not to remember them.

There is another heartbreaking story that happened in the next year that I cannot even write about, it hurts so much. The next thing that happened to us was when we were commissioned (graduated) we had waited 5 years for another baby. (You didn't dare get pregnant in school because they frowned on it because it would take away from your studying!!!) so we KNEW we were going to try and have a baby right away. Sweet Pea was 5 years old now! AS we walked off the stage and went to meet our commanding officers (bosses) the FIRST words out of this jackass's mouth were "I am glad you aren't one of those pregos!" WHAT THE ?????? Yeah, again, lovely people in that there Army! He had seen a few girls who were pregnant - they had timed it so they would be pregnant but could give birth in their new appointments (jobs).

Oh there is so much more. I cannot type it. It depressed me, even after all these years! It's the ONLY THING in life that can get me down! It's been 14 years since we left and I still cringe to think of it all.

Ok, you just spent 7 lousy, horrible, abusive, messed up years in the Salvation Amry, what are you gonna do now?!

I am going to Disneyland!

No, seriously, I AM going to Disneyland! See ya when we get back!